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Comparison: Davinci Miqro vs IQ

September 12, 2018

Comparison: Davinci Miqro vs IQ

It’s no secret that the Davinci IQ is one of the best dry herb vaporizers on the market. Actually, it has been for quite a while now.  However, is the newly released little brother of IQ, the Davinci Miqro, ready to replace it? Since the two vaporizers are so similar, the Davinci Miqro can pass off as the shrunken version of the Davinci IQ.


The Miqro, to be frank, is practically a smaller IQ. It looks exactly like the IQ, except for the fact that it is smaller, 33% smaller, to be exact. It even has everything that is great about the IQ. From the design, to the easy maneuvering of the temperature control. Whatever you want from the IQ, you can find it on the Miqro. If you want to know more about the similarities and differences of Miqro and IQ, you better continue reading.

Davinci Miqro and IQ side by side


It’s a no brainer that Miqro is the victor in this round. Its probably the smallest vaporizer in the market. It manages to do its job well, while being micro-sized.

The IQ is portable, in a way. Only if you use the flat mouthpiece, not the extended one, in which case, you can just put it in your pocket. But if you do prefer using the extended mouthpiece, then best be sure that you will need a purse, or a bag to carry your IQ in.


The oven; it is expected that the IQ has a bigger oven, because, well, it is bigger. While the Miqro’s oven is pretty much decent in size, but it can only hold enough dry herb for a single person. If you believe that sharing is caring, you can always opt to go with IQ, because Miqro is meant to be a solo dry herb vaporizer.

Davinci Miqro Chamber USA

Might I add that the Miqro has an anodized aluminum case for maximum durability, and a 100% zirconium ceramic airpath, to ensure purity of the vapor. Plus, it is lightweight, and it is great for personal use since the small chamber can only hold so much dry herb, good enough for one person.

Both vaporizers use conduction heating, but the zirconium pearl distributes the heat evenly to prevent charring. Meanwhile, the Miqro is easier to clean and maintained compared to IQ because its new design allows easier cleaning and the pick tool included helps clean out the chamber after sessions.

Davinci Miqro air path USA


The design of both is very appealing. The Miqro boasts a stylish, yet simple and elegant design. Its LED light grid is also a very cool and useful feature. The IQ, on the other hand, is very easy to use. And like the Miqro, it has interchangeable batteries. The main design difference is there are 15 LED lights on the front of the Miqro instead of the 51 LED lights on the IQ.

The IQ and Miqro are both easy to use and has simple loading procedures. Actually, the IQ offers more features via the Davinci smartphone app. It is also harder to overpower the IQ, because of draw resistance.

Davinci IQ Vaporizer

Both vaporizers, like other devices, have some drawbacks. Like how both devices gets hot after extended use, but the Miqro’s “Explorer’s Collection” offers a glove so that your hand won’t get to hot if the device heats up. However, it is much more advisable to let your device rest for a while, rather than using it for a long time. And how the Miqro’s flat mouthpiece can get uncomfortable at times, plus, the IQ’s extended mouthpiece negates portability.  But that’s pretty much about their cons, so there is still a lot to love.

Davinci miqro explorers collection USA
The Explorer’s collection Davinci Miqro

Conclusion, Davinci IQ or MIQRO?

If you want a simple and easy vaporizer, the Miqro is the perfect one for you. It boasts a lot of great features for such a small package, so it is suitable for solo use. The battery life may be weak, but the Explorer’s Collection offers a spare battery when you’ve used up all your juices.

The IQ is perfect if you want a bigger oven, the smartphone app, and the cool flavor chamber. Even with the Miqro released, the IQ is still one of the best dry herb vaporizers—except for portability. But really, no matter which one of the two vaporizers you decide to get, you will still be getting one of the best dry herb vaporizers in town.

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This information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience testing the product.

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