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DaVinci IQ Cleaning Guide

April 21, 2018

DaVinci IQ Cleaning Guide

DaVinci IQ Cleaning Tips

The DaVinci IQ is one of the world’s top portable dry herb vaporizers. Owners have praised the IQ’s purity of flavor and thick, luxurious vapor clouds from the start to the end of each vaping session. The one thing that owners don’t enjoy so much, however, is cleaning the DaVinci IQ. The IQ is a vaporizer with many small parts and a few hard-to-reach areas, and cleaning it requires a bit of time if you want to keep the flavor quality high and maintain the smooth, easy draws that you love. You can save yourself a lot of work if you give the oven of the DaVinci IQ a quick cleaning after each session. If it’s time for a deep cleaning, though, this DaVinci IQ cleaning guide is here to help.

Cleaning the DaVinci IQ: What You Need

  • DaVinci chimney brush (included with IQ)
  • DaVinci alcohol wipes (included with IQ)
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Cotton swabs

Disassembling the DaVinci IQ

Begin the DaVinci IQ cleaning by disassembling your device and gathering the parts together. 

  • Open the top of the IQ and pop out the silicone gasket from the center of mouthpiece. Pop the middle section out of the gasket. 
  • Pull the pick out of the mouthpiece area. Use the hooked end of the pick to remove the flavor chamber from the vapor path.
  • Use the hooked end of the pick to remove the lid from the flavor chamber. Remove the silicone gasket from the flavor chamber’s lid.
  • Turn the DaVinci IQ over and open the oven. If you still have herbs in the oven, remove them with the pick.

Your DaVinci IQ is now fully disassembled and ready for cleaning.

Cleaning the DaVinci IQ Oven and Body

Cleaning the Oven and Chimney

Dip the chimney brush in rubbing alcohol. The brush is the perfect size for the chimney of the DaVinci IQ; use it to scrub the sides of the oven and chimney thoroughly. If you still see a bit of stubborn residue inside the oven or chimney, clean it with a cotton swab dibbed in alcohol. You can also use a damp cotton swab to clean the exterior of the oven and the DaVinci IQ Pearl. Shake or squeeze the chimney brush or cotton swab before using it to minimize the amount of residual alcohol inside the body of your vaporizer.

Cleaning the Mouthpiece Area

Wrap an alcohol wipe around your finger and use it to clean the metal components around the mouthpiece. You can also use the wipe – or an alcohol-dipped cotton swab – to clean the top part of the vapor path. When your wipes or cotton swabs come out clean, the job is done. Check out our full review of the DaVinci IQ.

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