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The Ultimate PAX Vaporizer Guide

April 19, 2018

The Ultimate PAX Vaporizer Guide

Welcome to the most comprehensive PAX vaporizer guide that you will ever read. PAX vaporizers have long been referred to as the “iPhone of vaporizers,” and we feel the reputation is well earned. Nothing else on the market is quite as sleek or offers quite as polished a vaping experience. You’ll find, though, that PAX vaporizers differ from traditional dry herb vaporizers in many ways. Although you may have owned several vaporizers in the past, some things will be different when you get a PAX. We’ll explain the differences in this guide. If you don’t own a PAX yet, this guide will help you determine whether a PAX vaporizer is the right choice for you. If you already own a PAX, we’ll show you how to have a better experience with it. Let’s get started!

What Are PAX Vaporizers?

PAX vaporizers are arguably the best portable dry herb vaporizers on the market. They’re incredibly sleek and stylish. They feel wonderful in the hand. A PAX vaporizer instantly becomes a wax vape pen with the swap of a single component. PAX vaporizers heat quickly and evenly, and they’re optimized both for the best possible battery life and for maximum utilization of your material. If you feel that some electronic devices have a certain “magic” about them – something that makes those devices unique and makes every experience with them feel special somehow – you will likely appreciate the qualities that make PAX vaporizers different from the rest.

The Ultimate PAX Vaporizer Guide all colors

( PAX 3 comes in 4 colors: Black, Teal, Silver and Rose Gold

Why Are PAX Vaporizers So Expensive?

PAX vaporizers are fundamentally different from other dry herb vaporizers in several ways. First, PAX vaporizers are extremely well-made products. That much will be obvious to you when you hold the device and read about the fact that the PAX 3 includes a 10-year warranty. PAX vaporizers are built to last. They’re also great vaporizers that heat up quickly and use your material completely. There’s also the little things; from the motion sensing and lip detection to the vibration-based feedback and color-changing light – not to mention the many hidden features – no one can deny that PAX vapes are a cut above the competition.

What Temperature Settings Does the PAX Vaporizer Support?

The available temperature settings depend on which PAX vaporizer you own.

  • PAX: 370, 390 and 410 ° F
  • PAX 2: 360, 380, 400 and 420 °F
  • PAX 3: Same as PAX 2 plus a custom temperature between 360-420 ° F

What Is the Capacity of the PAX Vaporizer Oven?

If you pack the oven firmly, you can fit up to about .35 grams of material in the PAX vaporizer oven. If you pack the oven loosely, it holds about .25 grams. If you use the half-pack lid, it holds .15 grams. With a fully packed oven, you’ll get about 20 good hits out of a vaping session with your PAX vape.

Does the PAX Vaporizer Work With Tobacco and Aromatherapy Herbs?

At the time of writing, no PAX vaporizer offers an aromatherapy function. You should only use your PAX vaporizer with herbs that are safe to inhale when vaporized. If you’d like a vaporizer with an aromatherapy insert, consider an Arizer vaporizer instead. PAX vaporizers can, however, vaporize any herb for inhaling. Put tobacco in the oven for a great alternative to e-cigarettes. Try catnip, chamomile or blue lotus for relaxation.

How Do the PAX and PAX 2 Compare?

The biggest difference between the PAX and PAX 2 is the physical design. The PAX 2 is noticeably smaller and lighter. The mouthpiece also sits flush with the top of the unit, although a raised PAX 2 mouthpiece is available for those who prefer it. The PAX 2 is also the first PAX vaporizer with lip sensing technology to conserve your material. We’ll discuss that more later. The PAX 2 has a slightly smaller oven than the original PAX, but it makes up for the size difference with more efficient material usage.

The PAX 2 is a bit more user friendly than the original PAX in that you can change the temperature without removing the mouthpiece. The new mouthpiece design also makes the PAX 2 easier to clean. Since the button of the PAX 2 isn’t part of the vapor path, lubricating the mouthpiece to keep it moving isn’t so important.

How Do the PAX 2 and PAX 3 Compare?

Compared to the PAX 2, the PAX 3 does an even better job of using your material efficiently and allowing you to vape discreetly. The PAX 3 reaches the lowest temperature setting in just 15 seconds. Reaching the highest temperature only takes about 20 seconds. The fast heating makes the PAX 3 about as close to an on-demand portable dry herb vaporizer as you’re likely to find. The PAX 3 is also the first PAX vaporizer to feature firmware upgrades. As new features become available for the PAX 3, you can take advantage of them.

If you buy the full kit, the PAX 3 includes some useful accessories such as the concentrate insert and the half-pack insert. Those accessories work with the PAX 2, but they aren’t included in the package. If you’re going to buy them separately anyway, the PAX 3 kit is a wiser choice.

Although the faster-heating oven means that the PAX 3 defeats the PAX 2 in usability, the more important feature is that the PAX 3 has several built-in guided vaping modes that automatically tailor your vaping experience for maximum flavor, vapor production or stealth. We’ll discuss those modes in the next section.

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The Ultimate PAX Vaporizer Guide Pax 2 vs Pax 3

  • PAX 2 vs. PAX 3

What Are the Dynamic Modes of the PAX 3 Vaporizer?

The dynamic modes of the PAX 3 vaporizer are pre-programmed vaping experiences that automatically optimize your sessions to give you more of what you want. Many PAX owners enjoy changing their device temperatures during vaping sessions; the new dynamic modes do the work for you. You can access the dynamic modes of your PAX 3 using the free PAX mobile app.

  • Standard Mode: This is what you get when you turn the PAX 3 on without any dynamic mode selected. The PAX 3 heats to your desired temperature and cools the oven automatically when your lips aren’t touching the device.
  • Boost Mode: Boost mode increases vapor production by increasing the oven temperature more quickly when the device detects your lips. In Boost Mode, the PAX 3 also waits longer to cool the oven between puffs.
  • Efficiency Mode: In this mode, the PAX 3 begins your session at a lower temperature setting and increases the temperature slowly during your puffs to extract every bit of goodness from your material.
  • Flavor Mode: In Flavor Mode, the PAX 3 boosts the oven temperature more quickly when you’re using the device and cools the oven more quickly when you aren’t using it. This mode makes your vaping session more of an on-demand experience and allows you to experience the full range of flavors in your material.
  • Stealth Mode: This mode dims the vaporizer’s light and operates the oven at a slightly cooler temperature for a more discreet vaping session.

Should I Buy the PAX 3 Device Only or Full Kit?

If you purchase the PAX 3 device only, you get the same product – and the same functionality – that you would get with the full kit. The full kit, however, includes several accessories that you might want. With the PAX 3 kit, you’ll get a concentrate insert, a half-pack oven lid, a multi-tool and three extra oven screens. The concentrate insert alone costs $50 purchased separately, and you can’t vape dabs and waxes in the PAX 3 without it.

Pax vaporizer complete kit vs basic kit

How Do I Charge My PAX Vaporizer?

Your PAX vaporizer comes with a charging cradle that connects to one of your computer’s USB ports. If you have the original PAX, you can charge it by placing the device on the cradle with the mouthpiece side facing down. If you have a PAX 2 or PAX 3, your charger is magnetic. Place your device on the cradle so that the metal plates on the side of the device match up with the raised metal points on the cradle.

How Do I Check the Battery of My PAX Vaporizer?

To see how much battery life your PAX vaporizer has left, shake your device while it is on. The lights on the front display the battery status. If you have the original PAX, the color of the lights indicates the remaining battery charge. Green means that the batteries are almost full; red means that it’s time to recharge. If you have the PAX 2 or PAX 3, the number of illuminated petals indicates the battery charge. If all four petals are lit, the battery is nearly full.

How Do I Load My PAX Vaporizer?

To use your PAX vaporizer, load the oven and press the mouthpiece down to turn the device on. While the oven is preheating, the indicator light on the front of the device glows purple. When the light turns green, the device is ready to use. Inhale with slow, long and gentle puffs. To enjoy the flavor of your material while getting the most out of its active compounds, try using a lower temperature at the beginning of your session and increasing the temperature as you go.

One of the great things about all PAX vaporizers is that they can sense motion and know when you’re actively vaping. If the device doesn’t move for several seconds, the oven automatically cools down to prevent waste. The PAX 2 and PAX 3 go a step further with a feature that detects whether your lips are on the mouthpiece. When the device detects your lips, the oven becomes hotter. When you move the vaporizer away from your mouth, the oven cools. Lip detection is one of the key features that makes PAX vaporizers better than budget dry herb vaporizers.

How Do I Use My PAX Vaporizer?

How Do I Change the Temperature on My PAX Vaporizer?

If you’re using a PAX 2 or PAX 3, changing the temperature is simple. Press the mouthpiece down for two seconds to enter the temperature changing mode. Once you’re in that mode, you can cycle through the available temperatures by pressing the mouthpiece briefly. More lit petals indicates a higher temperature. After selecting the desired temperature, press the mouthpiece for two seconds again or simply shake the device to confirm.

If you have the original PAX, you can adjust the temperature by removing the mouthpiece while the device is on. Press the button under the mouthpiece to cycle through the temperature settings. Replace the mouthpiece when you’re done.

What Is the Best Temperature Setting for My PAX Vaporizer?

Many people like to slowly increase the oven temperature during their vaping sessions. At lower temperatures, you’ll preserve more of the flavor compounds in your material. Increasing the temperature allows for complete extraction of the cannabinoids. You may also find that a low temperature setting works best for you when you want only light mental stimulation, so you can remain alert and productive. You’ll experience more full-body sedation at higher temperatures.

Pax vaporizer temperatures

What’s This I’m Reading About PAX Hidden Features?

Every PAX vaporizer has several undocumented hidden features. The engineers at PAX added the hidden features to spice up your vaping sessions, and they thought that people would enjoy discovering the features on their own. Every PAX device, in fact, has a random set of hidden features and games. Roll the device horizontally in your hands three times to enable the hidden features. Each time you rotate the device an additional three times, it cycles to a different feature. We won’t spoil the fun for you here because we think that the hidden features are some of the best aspects of owning a PAX vaporizer.

What Is the Stealth Mode on My PAX Vaporizer?

The original PAX vaporizer unfortunately doesn’t have a stealth mode. The PAX 2 and PAX 3 do, but the two devices treat stealth mode differently.

To enable stealth mode on the PAX 2, shake the device while the lights are flashing during the device’s startup sequence. The lights glow dim white until you turn the vaporizer off. The vaping experience remains the same.

On the PAX 3, stealth mode is a dynamic mode that you can enable with the mobile app. The PAX 3 stealth mode both dims the device’s lights and lowers the oven temperature to keep the smell under control. Since stealth mode means that the PAX 3 doesn’t require as much battery power to keep the oven hot, it increases the device’s battery life slightly.

Is There a Way to Load My PAX Vaporizer With Less Material?

Yes. The PAX half-pack oven lid works with all PAX vaporizer models and reduces the size of the oven. It allows you to use less material while still maintaining good oven-to-herb contact for efficient usage of your herbs.

If you don’t have – and don’t want to buy – the half-pack lid, you can keep a small amount of material in place by putting a round pipe screen inside your oven. Bend the screen into a “U” shape so that the low point of the “U” touches your material and pushes it down. Place the oven lid over the pipe screen and vape.

How Do I Use the PAX Concentrate Insert?

To use the PAX concentrate insert, open the oven of your PAX vaporizer and remove all herbs from the oven. Remove the small red lid from the concentrate insert. Place a pea-sized ball of material between the insert’s two air holes. Place the concentrate insert in the oven and turn the PAX on. Many people report the best results with dabs when using higher heat settings. Remember that wax concentrates liquify when heated; keep the PAX upright to prevent leaking.

Do I Need the Mobile App for My PAX 3 Vaporizer?

You can use the PAX 3 without the mobile app, but the app is necessary if you want to use and customize the vaporizer’s dynamic modes. You also need the app to adjust the vaporizer’s custom temperature settings. For standard vaping, though – and for cycling through the vaporizer’s built-in temperature settings – you only need the device.

How Do I Clean My PAX Vaporizer?

Since dry herb resins are alcohol soluble, the best tools for cleaning your PAX vaporizer are some cotton swabs and pipe cleaners along with a little rubbing alcohol. Pipe cleaners work well for cleaning the device’s internal vapor tube, and a cotton swab will remove the resins from the oven. A pipe cleaner also works well to pop the screen out of the oven for cleaning. To clean the screen, lid and mouthpiece, immerse the parts in alcohol and rinse them under running water.

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This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience with Pax vaporizers.

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