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Arizer Vaporizers

Arizer Solo 3 Vaporizer
Arizer Solo 3
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Arizer Solo 2 Max vaporizer glass stem and 14mm Adapter
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Arizer Solo 2 Max
$214.45 $269.99
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Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer black
SAVE -30%
Arizer Solo 2
$118.45 $169.99
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Arizer XQ2 Vaporizer with remote
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Arizer XQ2
$188.45 $199.95
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Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Sale
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Arizer Air Max
$183.45 $219.99
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Arizer V Tower Desktop Vaporizer
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Arizer - V Tower
$99.45 $169.00
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Arizer - Extreme Q Vaporizer included in kit
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Arizer Extreme Q
$118.00 $169.99
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Arizer Air SE Vaporizer
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Arizer Air SE Vaporizer
$88.45 $99.99
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Arizer ARGO Vaporizer
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Arizer ArGo
$118.45 $149.99 Sold out
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Arizer Solo Vaporizer silver
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Arizer Solo
$149.00 $229.00 Sold out
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Arizer Air Vaporizer Black
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Arizer Air
Starting at $89.00
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Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer black with mouthpiece
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Arizer Air 2
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Arizer Vaporizers USA

Durable and dependable, Arizer vaporizers are meticulously designed and built with the highest quality components. Arizer is one of the most established companies in the vape scene.

They have been making vaporizers for well over a decade and have built a reputation for great quality and affordable prices. They design their products around high-quality components such as ceramic heaters, glass stems, and stainless steel bowls. The combination of premium componets and ceramic heating elements creates great airflow and massive clouds.

Clear, easy to read screens have been a central tenet of Arizer's design philosophy for years, allowing their users to easily read a host of information for a fantastic level of control over their vape experience.

Arizer Vaporizers USA FAQ

Arizer produces a great range of both desktop and portable vaporizers. Arizer V-Tower and Arizer Extreme Q are among the finest desktop vapes on the market, while the Solo and Air series of vaporizers have raised the bar for the entire industry with each new device release.

1. What Can Arizer Vapes Be Used With?

Arizer vapes are designed to be used with dry herb. They use specialised electronic heating systems to gradually vaporize the active ingredients out while leaving the toxins behind, locked in the plant matter.

2. What Is an Arizer Aroma Tube?

Many of Arizer's portable vapes make use of Aroma Tubes. These are a departure from the usual ceramic or steel herb chambers of other vapes. Instead it's a removable glass chamber. The advantage of this is that you can carry several pre-packed aroma chambers at once.

3. What Material Can Arizer Vapes Use?

Arizer's range specialises in vaping dry herb. Both their portable and desktop vapes are designed to allow you to get the very most out of your favourite herbal blends. However, some of their vapes, like the Extreme Q, can be used with oil and wax concentrates if you use a specialised concentrate insert.

4. Are Arizer Vaporizers Safe to Use?

Arizer vaporizers are made to an exacting standard. Any plastic components are isolated away from the heating system. The glass aroma chambers also guarantee that your hits will be pure and 100% untainted.

5. Does Arizer Offer a Warranty?

Depending on the model of your Arizer, you can expect a two or three year warranty. For example, the Extreme Q features a 3 year warranty, while the V Tower comes with a standard 2 year warranty.

What Makes Arizer Stand Out?

Arizer fills that valuable mid-range niche. They offer great vapor quality, great materials, and fantastic construction, but without the high end price. Arizer vapes are great for beginner and intermediate vapers who want to enjoy a great vape experience without breaking the bank. The glass tube system not only enhance the performance but also make maintenance easy.

1. Quality Design

Arizer takes pride in producing robust, sleek vaporizers. Their design philosophy puts a lot of emphasis on discretion and functionality. Nearly all of their vapes come with an easy to read screen, which makes getting the vape experience you want a breeze. Their portable units offer replaceable battery and hours of battery life as well as precise temperature control.

2. Aftermarket Parts and Accessories

Arizer offers a huge amount of aftermarket support for their products with a range of additional and replacement parts. The ArGo Frosted Glass Aroma tube allows you to preload your portable vape with an aromatic herbal blend, while the Arizer Air MAX vaporizer additional battery allows you to get even more use out of your vape when you're out and about.

3. Glass Airpaths and Mouthpieces

Many Arizer Vaporizers use glass mouthpieces and airpaths. Glass is a fantastic material for vaporizers thanks to its non-reactive nature. It allows users to enjoy the pure, untainted flavour of their vapor. The latest models glass features adapters to connect to 14mm glassware.

Arizer Vape Recommendations

Arizer occupies a great place in the vape industry, their vapes are potent enough to meet the exacting standards of any vape aficionado, but simple and affordable enough for even the most skittish of newcomers. Here are a selection of the best Arizer vapes for beginners, casual users, and advanced vapers.

Beginners: The Arizer Solo 3 with its new easy to read screen, simple controls, and a reliable battery. It also features a fantastic glass mouth piece that allows users to enjoy smooth, untainted vapor. With rapid 5-15 second Heat Up, Hybrid Heating (80% Convection & 20% Conduction heating). This cloud production beast is the follow up version of the best selling portable device Arizer Solo II.

Casual Users: The Arizer Air MAX is a compact and powerful portable vape. It offers incredible vapor quality and customisable session settings. Powerful removable battery that can last for hours in one single charge.

Advanced Vapers: The Arizer XQ2 is something for the true vape aficionados. This Desktop unit offer an incredible convection heating vape for those who want a experience that offers a bit more rich vapor than a portable vape. It features a clear LED Display, Ballon Bag Filling, Remote control and precision temperature control. The ultimate choice for at home vaping.

What is the best Arizer?

Solo 2 or Solo 3, depending on your budget and preferences. The Solo 3 offers improved battery life and larger glass-stems, while the Solo 2 is more budget-friendly price with the same easy-to-use interface. Ultimately, both are fantastic options for a high-quality vape experience.

What’s New in Arizer's Collection?

Arizer has established themselves firmly as a fixture of the vaporizer industry. They are known for their fantastic vapes in both the desktop and portable markets. Their quality and affordable prices makes them the perfect brand for both beginners and vape veterans alike, lets look at he current lineup:

The Solo 3 boasts an elongated XL glass aroma tube paired with an exceptionally robust battery, digital display, USB-C Charging and pass-through charging. Furthermore, this elegant Arizer offers a remarkable flavourful vaping experience that persists seamlessly throughout your entire day. For ever cooler sessions add a personal flair and connect the Solo 3 to your bong!

The ArGo is an ultra compact and portable vaporizer that packs all of the quality of an Arizer vape into a surprisingly small package. The ArGo or Arizer Go is a dry herb vaporizer that weighs a mere 96g, it is ideal for daily use when you're out and about.

Arizer Air SE is a special edition of the old popular Arizer Air II. It boasts a sleek blue or white finish and comes with upgraded features such as faster heat up time and improved battery life. This simple vape is a great budget vape for users who wants flavorful vapor at the lowest prices

The XQ2 is an award winning desktop vaporizer that allows you to enjoy a great vape experience with the provided whip or a vapor balloon. It offers an incredible level of desktop vaporization at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts on Arizer Vaporizers

Arizer vapes are a mainstay of the vape industry thanks to their affordable pricing, great design, and fantastic vapor quality. Their portable vaporizers are among the best on the market, with the Air and Solo series setting the bar and then exceeding themselves with each iteration. The swappable batteries, digital temperature control and centric design makes their premium devices stand out.

Their desktop vaporizers, like the XQ2, V Tower and Extreme Q, are ideal for vape fans who want to try out desktop vaporization. Arizer are continually pioneering new vapes and improving their flagship vaporizers. Vape fans who invest in an Arizer are sure to be well catered to for years to come.

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