Mini Tree Percolated Glass Water Pipe | Amazing Quality

Mini Tree Percolated Glass water pipe

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This product plants one tree



  • Equipped with Ice Notches
  • Tree Percolator
  • 14.5mm Female Joint

Type: water pipe

Basil Bush Mini Tree Percolated Glass water pipe

This fantastic tree percolator water pipe will Impress your friends with it's cool, filters, and smooth hits without breaking the bank! It has all the great features of a high end water pipe without the high cost of a premium water pipe. If you can't sacrifice the effective cooling of a percolator and ice notches then this fantastic piece is for you.

Long standing best selling mini tree percolated glass water pipe from Basil Bush.

These beaker shaped water pipes are clear to coloured glass, forming an aesthetic delight. They come with a deep bowl that doubles up into an ashcatcher. The midsection houses a mini three arm tree percolator that sits right below three ice notches. The mouthpiece at the top has a colored rim as well. The downtube diffuser has three slits for optimal smoke treatment. This has been the best selling water pipe for 2 years running - get yours today!

Basil Bush Mini Tree Percolated Glass water pipe Features

Ash Catcher
Optimal Smoke Treatment 
Three Ice Notches
Deep Bowl

Ash Catcher

The incorporated ash catcher on this piece is a fantastic way to keep your hits smooth and tasty. It will ensure that your smoke isn’t tainted with any burnt materials. You can be secure in the knowledge that your hits will be nothing but the tasty, natural taste of your herb.

Optimal Smoke Treatment

The intricate series of percolators in this piece guarantee that your hits will be cooled and filtered to a huge degree. The percolator works by breaking your hit up into smaller bubbles, this actually increases the surface area of your hit, allowing the water to cool it more effectively.

Three Ice Notches

This fantastic water pipe has three ice notches built into its neck. This allows you to drop ice cubes down into the neck for added cooling. When you take a hit your smoke will be forced to flow across the ice, combined with the cooling of the percolators this will result in a smooth, arctic chilled hit.

Deep Bowl

The deep bow on this piece means you can pack in more dry herb for heftier hits and longer sessions! This is the ideal water pipe for sharing at parties

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