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Cloudious 9

Atomic9 Vaporizer Black and Grey
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Hydrology 9 vaporizer with water filter
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Hydrology 9
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Hydrology 9NX Vaporizer USA
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Hydrology 9NX
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Cloudious 9 Vaporizers

Despite currently only having one vape on the market, Cloudious 9 have established themselves as an interesting and unique brand and serious player in the vaporizer industry.

Their flagship vape, the Hydrology 9 is one of the very first vaporizers to integrate watercooling directly into its design. This vaporizer has sophisticated looks and craftsmanship, it is innovative in design, practical for everyday use, and very easy to take everywhere any time.

Cloudious 9 FAQ 

Cloudious 9 have pioneered such a distinctive and unique vaporizer that it doubtlessly prompts a whole range of questions. Of course, in reality the Hydrology 9 isn't that much of a departure from the vapes that we know and love. Regardless, here's a selection of our most frequently asked questions. 

1. Where Are Cloudious 9 Based? 

Cloudious 9 are based out of the cannabis industry capital of the world, California. They are a team of designers and engineers that pring three important aspects of their culture together – their knowledge from outside the orthodox limits of the vape scene, drive to innovate, and a heavy focus on aesthetic design.

2. How Does The Hydrology 9's Water Cooling System Work?

The Hydrology 9 relies on an ancient dry herb cooling method: a water reservoir. When you take a hit from the Hydrology 9, it is broken up into bubbles that flow through the water which in turn cools their surface area, resulting in a cool, smooth hit. 

3. What is The Hydrology 9's Party Mode?

The Hydrology 9 has a secret hidden setting called party mode. In this mode the LEDs built into the device flash and pulse in a whole spectrum of colors, perfect for fun get together with friends. 

4. How Do I Get The Most Out of The Hydrology 9?

The unique construction of the Hydrology 9 means that users will need to adapt certain tips and tricks to get the very most out of it. The first is to thoroughly grind your herb before packing your chamber to ensure even heating. After that, you'll want to ensure that you take long, slow draws. It's important to ensure that you don't overfill the water reservoir, as this could cause splashback, where water enters the mouthpiece. 

5. Do Cloudious 9 Offer a Warranty?

Cloudious 9 offers a two year warranty for the Hydrology 9. They will replace any damage caused by faulty components or workmanship. 

What Makes Cloudious 9 Stand Out?

The Hydrology 9 Has a range of features that make it singularly unique in the vaporizer industry, some are more obvious than others. Here are some of the standout features of the Cloudious 9 flagship vape

1. Water Filtration

The most obvious and distinct feature of the Hydrology 9 is its self-contained water filtration system. This cools your hits before they reach the mouthpiece, allowing you to enjoy a smooth and gentle vape experience. Many vaporizers require you to use external, 3rd party attachments to achieve this, but the Hydrology 9 offers it to you in a single, discreet package. 

2. Unique Design Philosophy

Hydrology 9 looks like something out of this world. Its silver and glass construction stands apart from the small balck boxes that dominate the vape industry. In addition to this, it also features a range of LEDs that can be set to "Party Mode", where they cycle through a whole spectrum of colors, a fun and striking feature that we've never seen in another vaporizer. 

3. Borosilicate Glass Construction

The Hydrology 9 features a lot of glass in its construction. This is mainly borosilicate glass, a specially treated type of glass that is thermal shock resistant. This means that you can enjoy a full range of vaping temperatures without having to worry about stress fractures.

Cloudious 9 Vape Recommendations

While there is only one Cloudious 9 vape available right now, it is so good that we can happily recommend it to vape fans of any level. 

Beginners: The Hydrology 9 is a fantastic beginner vape thanks to its simple control scheme and straight forward design. 

Casual Users: The Hydrology 9 is perfect for casual users. Its filtration system means that even the biggest hits are smooth and comfortable. 

Advanced Vapers: If you've seen all there is to see in the vape scene, then the Hydrology 9 is a must. Its unique design and construction are one of a kind, and offer a unique vape experience. 

Final Thoughts on Cloudious 9 Vaporizers

With a single vape release, Cloudious 9 have made a lasting impression on the vaporizer industry. They are leading the charge when it comes to the growing popularity of water cooling in vaporizers. While the majority of other brands rely on after-market attachments and watertools, Cloudious 9 have made it an integral part of their design. 

The Hydrology 9 is ideal for vape fans who are more accustomed to the cooling effects of bongs and water pipes. It is also a great option for vape fans who want to change up their vape experience. 

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