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Crafty Plus Parts & Accessories


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Filling Set for 40 Dosing Capsules
Filling Set for 40 Dosing Capsules
$69.00 Sold out
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Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules for Liquids
Magazine with 8 Dosing Capsules for Liquids
$19.90 Sold out
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Volcano Mighty Plenty Crafty Cleaning Brush 3 pack
Storz and Bickel Cleaning Brush - 3 Pack
$3.90 Sold out
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Mighty Crafty Side Kit
SAVE -10%
Mighty and Crafty Side Kit
$24.99 $28.00 Sold out
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Crafty 18mm adapter
Mighty and Crafty 18mm adapter
$9.00 Sold out
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Mighty 14mm adapter for bong
Mighty and Crafty 14mm adapter
$9.00 Sold out
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Crafty Plus Accessories Overview

The Crafty Plus is full of surprises, and this is very apparent when you see the variety of accessories available to use with this all-time favorite Crafty+ vape unit. From dosing magazines to a full “wear and tear” set, it’s all here. Take a look and improve your vaping experience today!

Capsule Caddy

This little carrier caddy is made specially to keep your capsules safe anywhere you go. It is made from high quality materials, is practically life-proof, and is even odor proof! On top of that, it has a keychain design so you can just clip it on anything and go! You can keep up to 4x capsules in the cady, and you can easily take them out on-the-go without any fuss. You should definitely use one of these if you like using the dosing capsules.

Wear and Tear Set

This is the ultimate accessory pack. You get:

1 x cooling unit
3 x mouthpieces
4 x liquid pads
4 x normal screens
Filling chamber tools
1 x cleaning brush

    If you ask us, this is all you need to get started on using all the Crafty accessories! So we highly recommend getting this set if you’re not sure exactly what accessories you like yet, or if you simply want to save some dollars on this amazing set deal.  


    Screen Set

    This is a complete set of 6 high quality replacement screens for your Crafty vaporizer unit. It comes with 2 fine mesh lower screens and 4 regular mesh upper screens. We recommend always having extra screens on-hand so that you can easily switch to a new one any time. It keeps your vapor tasty and debris-free, and it ensures your vaporizer is always clean.

    Liquid Pads

    The Crafty produces amazing vapor when used with concentrates, and in order to use concentrates you need to use the Crafty Liquid Pads. That’s why we offer this kit complete with 4 steel mesh liquid and wax dosing pads! You should always have at least one extra pad on-hand to make sure you’re always vaping the cleanest and tastiest vapor possible!

    Filling Aid

    We love the Crafty Filling Aid. It serves as both a high-quality grinder, and a funnel-like tool which helps you easily pack your Crafty with your favorite dry herb. You use it by first finely grinding our dry herb, then inserting the funnel-like component directly into the chamber and sweeping the product in and then packing it. Grinding and loading made easy!