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Dab Pens Collection

Dab pens are awesome, that is why the Herbalize Store sells so many of them. If you are taking the time to read this blog, you are probably wanting to know more about them. Maybe you would like your first dab pen? Or how about an upgrade? Maybe your trusty wax vaporizer has just died and you need to replace it? Or how about a collection of dab pens? One for each occasion, and why not?

Whatever your reasons, welcome. This guide is meant to provide you with lots of information about how to make the best choice of dab pen. We shall explore the options: voltage, size, make, heating elements, price, features, and more. Of course, you can head straight to the Herbalize Store to start making your choice but you might miss out on some crucial bit of knowledge that turns your vaping experience from “Hmm, quite nice” to “Holy smokes [vapes?] that is some fine vaporized herbal extract!”