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Dr. Dabber - Ghost


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  • Titanium heating element
  • Includes Dabbing Tool
  • Auto Shut-Off

Type: Pens



    Dr. Dabber Ghost


    The Dr. Dabber Ghost is a pen vaporizer designed for concentrates. It has a fixed temperature and a 1 year warranty on the battery and charger. Its compact design makes it easy to carry in a pocket or purse. The kit comes with an extra titanium atomizer.


    The Dr. Dabber Ghost vaporizer pen is a lightweight, sleek vaporizer that heats up concentrates instantly at the correct temperature to provide a smooth, clean vape experience. It is simple to use and the kit comes with all you need to begin vaping right away. In addition, the kit comes with a concentrates storage container that makes it easier to vape on the go. The unit will take 90 minutes to come to a complete charge.

    To use the vape pen, simply drop a few drops of oil concentrate or dab a small amount of wax on the heating element in the vaporizer. Reinsert the atomizer into the body of the pen, press the button and instantly beginning vaping good quantities of vapour.

    What the manufacturer says about it

    Dr. Dabber Inc. promotes its vape pen as a high-quality, low-heat vaporizer pen for concentrates. They point out that the pen reaches the perfect temperature for vaping slowing, preventing scorching and burning of the concentrate. No electrically singed taste allows for the flavour of the oil or wax to shine through. Their Dr. Dabber Ghost comes with all of the equipment you need to begin vaping, rather than having to purchase separate accessories.

    What users are saying

    Users are overwhelmingly happy with this concentrates vape pen. They say that it is sturdily built, easy to use and has a good battery life (200 – 300 vapes depending on how much is drawn at once). Reviews suggest that each atomizer will last 1 – 2 months of regular use. One user points out that you can extend the life of this kit substantially by soaking the atomizers in rubbing alcohol when they get dirty, so they can be reused repeatedly. Users also really appreciated the low cost of this unit compared to other vaporizing pens as well as its ease of use. They also liked the sleek design and “hand feel” of the unit.

    Most users do recommend that you allow a few seconds of heating when using a new atomizer to allow the concentrate to warm and be absorbed into the wick. Other than that, most users comment on the lack of a burned or singed taste in the concentrate along with the lack of a plastic taste when using the unit for the first time.

    Battery life and Charging

    The battery takes 90 minutes to charge fully and lasts for 200 – 300 draws depending on use.

    Average battery life

    200 – 300 draws

    Recharge time

    90 Minutes

    In the box

    One battery

    Two Ghost wax atomizers (one spare, one attached)

    One Ghost attachment

    One mouthpiece

    One concentrates storage container

    One dabber tool

    One USB charger

    One user manual

    ** International users may require an adapter to use the DC charger in their country. Comes with a Zone 1 (Americas) plug.

    Technical Specifications

    [if there’s anything else useful that you find, add it to the bottom of the table please!]

    Size (length, width, height in centimetres)

    2 x 8.8 x 16.5 cm

    Weight (in grams)

    228 g

    Temperature range (in Celsius)

    Fixed temperature

    Temperature presets


    Temperature settings

    Fixed temperature

    Heat power source


    Heating element type/material

    Conduction, titanium

    Chamber/oven material


    Heat up time (in seconds)


    Types of material usable inside


    Dry herb capacity (in grams)


    Extract attachment


    Control / setting interface

    Button on the device

    Delivery method

    Direct pull

    Body material

    Plastic and glass

    Mouthpiece material



    Dr. Dabber Inc.

    Made in


    Designed in

    United States

    Release date

    August 2013


    1 year for the battery

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