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Puffco - Accessories Overview

Puffco is known for being one of the leader brands on today’s vape market. By offering some of the most awarded vaporizers, including High Times Best Vaporizer in 2017. There is no doubt that by working incessantly to offer the best and easiest vape experience possible, Puffco sets itself aside from the growing number of vape brands. It has been at the top since the beginning, and it will continue there.

Our Puffco Collection

Here at Herbalize, we offer the best of the best— including some of Puffco’s most well-esteemed units. By gathering all of Puffco’s best, we make it easier for Puffco fans to find exactly what they need with only a click. In our collection of Puffco products, you will not only find some of their best vaporizers, but also a unique assortment of accessories. Although Puffco vaporizers are long-lasting, and designed to offer optimal performance far into the future, it does not mean that they do not need a little ‘attention’ every now and then. To work flawlessly, and offer users the best and the healthiest vape experience, it is important to always keep units up to check, and to ensure that all of the parts are working correctly. No matter if it a mouthpiece, a battery, or a cooling system, it is always essential to know how ‘healthy’ your unit is, and give it the care it deserves. This is where accessories come in to save the day. With accessories made specifically for your unit, you can always get the most from your unit, no matter how old.

Here´s What We Offer

In our collection of Puffco Accessories, you will find unique items for unique Puffco vaporizers. Simply choose what’s perfect for you unit’s needs. Puffco Plus V2 Supercharger - Need a charger replacement for you Plus V2? We’ve got it. This accessory is perfect if you want an extra charging option for when you’re traveling or on the go— or simply if you need a replacement. Puffco Peak Atomizer - Although atomizers do not need to be replaced too often, it’s always good to be prepared and have what you need. This will allow you to avoid any frustration if your atomizer starts to lack in performance. Puffco Plus V2 Dart 3 Pack - These smart little units are designed to offer best performance, durability, and to make cleaning easier. With this 3 pack, you can enjoy the best from you Puffco Plus far into the future. Puffco Peak Glass - With an option of 7 different colors, these Glass replacements will give you a personalized option for you Puffco Peak unit. If you need a replacement glass piece, simply choose your favorite color and you can get to vaping again in no time. Puffco Peak Ball Cap & Tether - With this accessory, you can create a directional airflow, and consume every last drop of concentrate by steering around your bowl. It can also add to the production of vapor your Puffco Peak produces. Get the best from your Puffco vaporizer with these accessories, and enjoy clean, perfected vapor from your favorite materials like never before.

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