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Shatterizer Vaporizer all colors
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Shatterizer Vaporizer
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Shatterizer Replacement Coils
Shatterizer Replacement Coils
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Shatterizer tops left silver right black
Shatterizer Replacement Top
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Shatterizer Bubbler USA
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Shatterizer Bubbler
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Shatterizer Glow Rings
Shatterizer Glow Rings
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Shatterizer - Box of 5 S Pods - Ceramic Oil Coils
Shatterizer S POD - Ceramic Oil Coils
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Shatterizer Coil Cap set
Shatterizer Coil Caps
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Shatterizer Lanyard
Shatterizer Lanyard
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Shatterizer Battery - Spare part
Shatterizer Replacement Battery
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Shatterizer Vaporizers

Shatterizer USA: the name sounds intense, like a late ‘80s Schwarzenegger movie that you might watch at 3 a.m. after a long night out.

It’s a somewhat unusual direction for a vape brand to take these days, when all the design trends are yielding sleek, iPhone-like devices that double as fashion accessories.

Right now, most manufacturers are trying to come up with vapes that appeal to non-vapers—people who might enjoy a little microdosing now and then, but don’t want to go too wild.

Shatterizer is different. This is a portable vaporizer made for people who really, really like vaping.

Specifically, it’s made for people who like vaping shatter (one of the most popular forms of concentrates at the moment).

And whilst shatter itself is known for being rather pricey, at least compared to dry herb, the Shatterizer itself is remarkably wallet-friendly—making it an efficiency lover’s dream, as well.

At the Herbalize Store, we’re proud to carry a wide range of Shatterizer vapes and accessories. They’re certainly not for everyone, but if they’re for you, then they’re extremely for you.

But enough talk. Let’s take a closer look at this unique portable vaporizer to see if it’s the one for you.

Shatterizer Vape FAQ

At the Herbalize Store, our team of experts has a soft spot for the Shatterizer (as we do for any unusual vape, to be honest).

So when people ask us questions about it, we’re delighted to answer. Here are some of the most common queries that pop up:

1. How do you use a Shatterizer?

Loading your Shatterizer is easy–just unscrew the glass dome at the top of the device to reveal the oven chamber (which is covered by a lid that you’ll also have to unscrew).

Then, use the ‘dab tool’ included in the kit to load a small amount of concentrate into the chamber, and reattach the oven lid. Screw the glass dome back in, hit the power button, and you’ll be ready to vape in a matter of seconds.

2. What can you vape with a Shatterizer?

The Shatterizer is a concentrate vape—specifically, it’s intended for use with shatter.

You can use other materials in a pinch, and most people won’t notice a dramatic difference, but picky vapers will probably prefer sticking to shatter.

3. Do Shatterizers smell?

Even after repeated use, Shatterizers don’t smell as strongly as traditional forms of smoking.

Having said that, they’re not exactly odourless. You’re unlikely to attract too much unwanted attention if you’re enjoying a quick vape in public, but don’t think you’ve got some kind of olfactory invisibility cloak.

4. Are Shatterizers worth the money?

If you’re the kind of person who really likes shatter, then absolutely—the Shatterizer’s low price tag and top-tier vapor quality make it a great find for the true concentrate aficionado.

If you’re more of a dry herb person, on the other hand, you might want to find a different device.

5. Where can I buy a Shatterizer?

Shatterizer vapes are a little tricky to find, compared to other devices, but a quick internet search reveals a number of online marketplaces that sell them.

However, some of these marketplaces have a reputation for dubious quality, to put it lightly (counterfeits are unfortunately common).

At the Herbalize Store, we guaranteed that every Shatterizer we stock is the genuine article, and we also throw in free Canada shipping and a free tree planted in your name with every order.

What Makes Shatterizer Stand Out?

Shatterizer doesn’t have the name recognition of big brands like Storz & Bickel or Arizer, but they still have their charms—the vape industry might be trending toward homogeneity, but a Shatterizer is still a one-of-a-kind device.

Here’s why the brand has attracted a small but intensely loyal following over the years:

1. Made for Shatter

Shatterizer vapes are made with one material in mind, as you might guess from the name.

Shatter—the sticky, brittle concentrate that’s taken the world by storm in recent years—is renowned for its potent and long-lasting effects, but many vaporizers struggle to take advantage of its benefits (at least, without causing an annoying and time consuming mess).

With the Shatterizer, you’ll never have to worry about scraping out a gunked-up oven chamber with your fingernails, or torching your shatter repeatedly at temperatures too low to unlock its power.

2. Exceptional Battery Life

In the vape game, it’s typical to talk about battery life in terms of ‘hours’ or ‘sessions.’ Typically, if you can get an hour of continuous use out of your device, you’re doing pretty well.

With the Shatterizer, however, battery life is a matter of days. A single charge of the Shatterizer’s massive 1100mAh variable voltage lithium ion battery can get you up to 1.6 days (that’s 40 hours, in case you’re not a fan of maths).

And whilst you might expect charging the battery to be a similarly time-consuming endeavour, you’ll be pleased to discover that it can recover its juice in a mere 3 hours.

3. Wide Range of Affordable Accessories

Shatterizer know that vape parts have a way of… requiring replacement at regular intervals, to put it mildly.

Some brands take this as an opportunity to gouge customers on new parts (following the model of Apple, a real trailblazer in the art of upselling customers on power cords and dongles) but Shatterizer have gone the opposite direction.

You can find atomizer coils, glass domes, batteries, and more for prices that are remarkably reasonable.

What’s New in Shatterizer’s Collection?

Shatterizer took Henry Ford’s advice to heart when crafting their line of vapes: you can get them in any style you like, as long as that style is ‘a portable vaporizer made just for concentrates.’

In fact, there’s only a two vapes in their collection, though it’s available in a variety of colours. Here’s a quick introduction: 

The Shatterizer Vaporizer is an affordably priced dab pen with a distinctive glass dome near the mouthpiece (in case you’re wondering, it’s not just for looks: the dome shape helps cool each hit of vapour).

It’s designed specifically for use with concentrates, and comes with three custom preset temperatures that make it easy to choose the effects you want from each session.

The Newest addition is the Shatterizer Bubbler. A dual vaporizer that is both a portable and a desktop vaprozier. The included bubbler makes smoking concentrate a bliss.

Final Thoughts on Shatterizer Vaporizers

Shatterizer vapes are a niche item—if you’re a fan of dry herb, you’ll probably want to look elsewhere—but for shatter lovers on a budget, they’re certainly tough to beat.

Whilst Shatterizer vapes aren’t the smallest or lightest portable vapes on the market, they’re pocket-friendly enough to take with you wherever you roam, and the astounding battery life is a major plus for those of us who tend to forget the whole ‘charge your vape before you go on a weekend adventure’ step.

The borosilicate glass dome makes for excellent vapor quality, and although it’s about as fragile as it looks, Shatterizer offer replacement parts at low prices, so a single drop won’t spell disaster.

If you’ve got a serious obsession with shatter, this might be the vape for you.

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