Air 2 / Solo 2 14mm Water Tool Adapter | Connect your bong!

Air 2 / Solo 2 14mm Water Tool Adapter


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  • Connect your Arizer Air 2 and Solo 2 to your bong!
  • Perfect bong flavor

ARIZER Air 2 & Solo 2 14mm Water Tool Adapter

This is the must have vape tool for all bong lovers! It makes it possible to use your Arizer Air 2 or Solo 2 vaporizer with your favorite bong. The combination is simply magical, especially with an ice filled bong. The Arizer 14mm Water Tool Adapter is made of high-quality graded glass and is

This high-grade glass adaptor was designed and manufactured based around the Arizer Solo and Air vaporizers and fits snugly within the socket of your vaporizer allowing you to immediately enhance your vapor experience. The fit is firm on both the Solo or the Air while the unit is cool and as it heats - no need to worry about the piece sliding out. Simply remove your regular glass mouthpiece replace with the adapter - then attach any 14mm water tool you want!

How to connect your ARIZER vape to your bong?

  1. Make sure your favorite Bong ( make sure it has 14mm female connection ) is iced and ready.
  2. Pack the Arizer Water Tool adapter with fine dry herb.
  3. Hold your Solo 2 vaporizer upside down and insert the Tool adapter into the chamber. Keeping the herb sealed, just like loading your normal glass stem.
  4. Turn on and heat up your Solo 2 to preferred temperature.
  5. Once the temperature is reached, turn your Solo 2 upside down again and insert the Water Tool into the bong.
  6. Take a hit and enjoy the clean cool vapor! 


What's in the box?

  • 1x 14mm Water Tool Adapter for Arizer Solo 2 & Air 2 

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