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Vuber Vaporizers

Vuber Pilot Battery Silver
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Vuber Pilot
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Vuber Pulse Touch 510 Battery
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Vuber - Pulse Touch
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Vuber  Pulse 510 Battery Size
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Vuber - Pulse
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Vuber Vaporizers Smart Batteries for Cartridges

β€œVuber is about lifestyle, whether on the sand at the beach, the snow in the mountains, or polishing the pine at your local tavern. Life is simply a collection of experiences, so be adventurous and go make some memories.”

Vuber Vaporizers was founded with the belief that vaporization is the most efficient way to utilize your preferred product for both medical and recreational purposes. Their mission is to provide a delivery system that is portable, convenient and discreet. We are a family-oriented business built from the ground up and we remain true to those roots while continuously innovating and striving to better our products in design and functionality.

Vuber seek to inspire people to engage, interact and connect through a fun and active lifestyle. We are about quality of life and quality of product; they believe that these are mutually inclusive.

The PULSE is a game-changing battery for anyone who loves to vape. This smart battery automatically adjusts settings based on the resistance of your cartridge, ensuring optimal use every time. It also features Vuber's patented "Never Burn" technology, which protects against burning out your cartridge.

The Pilot has great value and also features a preheat setting that allows for larger clouds with thick oil, even when oil is affected by cold temperatures.

The new and improved Pulse Touch 510 Smart Battery is a powerful little device. Unlike its predecessor ( Pulse ), this battery does not have an LCD screen so it's smaller than ever before!

Vuber Life Time Warranty

Vuber is proud to offer a limited lifetime warranty on all Vuber devices, backed by their customer care and product expert team. Their vaporizers are built to last and we want you to have peace of mind knowing that your investment is protected. If for any reason your Vuber device fails, Vuber will replace it.

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