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Puffco Peak

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Puffco Peak E-Nail FEATURES

  • New Waterfilter Mouthpiece With Integrated Bubbler
  • Easy To Load
  • Variable Temperatures With 4 Settings
  • Haptic Feedback
  • 20 Second Average Heat-Up

Type: Concentrate

Puffco Peak E-Nail USA


This awesome unit is all about unlocking the true power of your favorite concentrate, it will give you the cleanest extraction and the biggest clouds you’ve ever seen. It also provides a superb user experience with fast coil heat up time and an ergonomic design. When our Herbalize Team tested the Puffco Peak we found it extremely easy to use and there was no learning curve to get the perfect clouds we were after.

Vapor quality

We mentioned the Vapor quality earlier and from the Peak you can’t expect anything else but absolute perfection. The precision temperature control gives you to get the best possible pre-requisites for perfect vaporization and the water filtration does a great job a cooling down the vapor without any loss in flavor.

Heat Settings and Light Band Feature

The Puffco Peak has an outstanding heat up time, it heats up on an average of 20 seconds. We can put that in comparison with the average of other e nails on the market which is around 3 minutes – then you understand how fast it heats up and how this will make it very convenient to use and easy to share hit’s with your mates.

The smart-ware in this unit will aromatically adjust your bowl temperature if it become to hot during your sessions, this will give you a smoother experience as a user. It also got a well designed light band that provides you information about battery life and a haptic feedback that tells you when it’s time to take a hit, this is to ensure you will get the perfect hit time and time again.

.Puffco PEAK USA Vaporier Green
Puffco PEAK USA Vaporier Green flower


The battery fully charges in 2 hours when using the supercharger and it It lasts around an impressive 30 dab hits.

Introduction Video


PEAK Glass available in 7 different colors

Last Words

Before Puffco released the Puffco Peak they had only produced Dab Pens (Puffco PRO & Puffco Plus). This is definitely something new for them and to us at Herbalize Store this comes as a very welcome surprise from a company that only done Pens Vaporizers before. The Peak got so many accessories to choose from that will make your life as a dabber much easier, and it’s both aesthetically pleasing and pack a punch that produce some of the best vapor we have ever experienced. This is definitely one of the most luxurious e-nails on the market and it’s a reasonable portable powerhouse that we recommend everyone to purchase.


Size (length, width, height in centimetres)

7" high and 2.75 Base

Weight (in grams)


Average Heat Up Time 20 Sec

Temperature range (in Celsius)

121 - 221°C

Temperature presets

4 Temperature Presets

Water Filtration


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