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Arizer Extreme Q 14mm Glass Whip Water Tool Adapter

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ARIZER Extreme Q 14mm  Glass Whip Water Tool Adapter

This is the must have vape tool for all water pipe lovers! Now it is possible to use your Extreme Q vaporizer with your favorite water pipe. The combination is simply magical, especially with an ice filled water pipe. The Arizer 14mm Water Tool Adapter is made of high-quality graded glass and is simple to use!

How to connect your ARIZER Extreme Q vape to your water pipe?

  1. Make sure your favorite water pipe ( make sure it has 14mm female connection ) is iced and ready.
  2. Pack the Arizer Extreme Q with fine dry herb.
  3. Connect on side of your 14mm Water Tool with the whip and the 14mm male connection to your water pipe.
  4. Turn on and heat up your Extreme to preferred temperature.
  5. Once the temperature is reached, make sure the connection is sealed and solid.
  6. Take a hit and enjoy the clean cool vapor!


What's in the box?

  • 1x Arizer Extreme Q 14mm Glass Whip Water Tool Adapter

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