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Type: Dabbing

Dr. Dabber Diamond Recycler Glass Rig

USA manufacturer Dr. Dabber have created 3 beautiful glass rigs for their collection dubbed the Diamond Series. At 9" (22.7 cm) tall the Diamond recycler is neither the tallest of the shortest of the series, sitting comfortably between the 2.

A heavy-duty circular base keeps the rig study when in use and the angle joint and mouthpiece provide an adequate distance between the hot banger and yourself. The joint is a 10mm male joint which can easily be adapted to use with other sizes if you so wish. 

Inside the lower chamber of the Diamond recycler is the water reservoir where the smoke is first cooled down before rising to the 5 percolated spheres above. As the smoke is forced through these narrow pathways it breaks down further, coming into contact with more and more cold water to give you an extra smooth hit!

No doubt you're going to want to keep your rig looking as good as the day you got it and with a little isopropyl alcohol it couldn't be simpler.

Included with each rig is a 14mm female quartz banger