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DynaVap The "M" Starter Kit

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    DynaVap The "M" Starter Kit

    This is the 'The "M" Starter Pack' and it’s it is ideal if you just are are starting out using DynaVap’s Products and it include everything you need to get you started enjoying your device to the fullest right from the start. The Kit includes a cedar or walnut Dynastash box with a VapCap storage par as well as an integrated DynaMag which will secure your VapCap at the stash box to easily remove a hot cap and hold any VapCap at one place. You will also get a Hawk torch lighter with 3 flames that will provide optimal heating for your "M" vaporizer that’s also included. The "M" Vaporizer is made out of medical grade stainless steel and is a great introduction to Dynavap's line of products, it is different from traditional vaporizers because of the lack of battery power but that also makes your device more sustainable and better for the environment.  You just have to load up the cap with dry herb and heat it yourself with the torch lighter until you hear a clicking sounds. You even get all the maintenance gear that you might need for The "M" and they are perfect for removing any build up and the DynaWax will help extend the life of the O-Rings so you can keep on enjoying your Vapcap M for a long time to come after the initial purchase.


    • Battery Free Vaping

    • Everything You Need To Get Started

    • DynaStash

    • Cleanig Kit

    What’s in the Kit?

    • The 2018 "M" Vaporizer

    • Hawk Triple Torch Lighter

    • Dynastash: Cedar or Walnut

    • DynaWax

    • Cotton Pipe Cleaners (5 pack)v

    • 3 High temp O-Rings

    • 2 Condenser O-Rings

    • 1 Replacement part: Stainless Steel CCD


    Type: Portable