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    Overview of the G Pen Pro

    The G Pen Pro from Grenco Science in California is a lightweight, discreet, easy to use vaporizer pen for a great price. It is a reliable, basic unit that provides a clean, flavourful vapour. There is minimal resistance in this unit, making it very easy to draw vapour. The mouthpiece uses click-lock to secure it in place.  It is designed for herbal use only and is not recommended for use with waxes or oils. The G Pen Pro and Grenco’s other models are commonly counterfeited. Look for genuine products to avoid difficulties.

    G Pen Pro Vaporizer Box


    This no frills G Pen Pro vaporizer pen heats up very quickly, taking between 20 and 30 seconds to heat enough to draw vapour. It has one button operation – click 5 times to turn the unit either off or on and then click again to change the temperature between one of three presets. Its small, lightweight design makes it easy to carry on the go and discreet to use outside of the home. The G Pen Pro is a little larger than a small cigar and does not produce clouds of smoke. This is an easy to use, single button operated, vaporizer at a very attractive price. The silicone mouthpiece is secure and locks in place but it is also easy to remove to access the ceramic heating chamber. There are not a lot of frills or accessories with this unit, which keeps the price reasonable and use basic. It is a good unit for a beginner or even for a regular user. The product is shipped in a cylindrical container with pockets for storing the accessories.

    Grenco G Pen Pro Vaporizer Chamber

    What the manufacturer says about it

    The manufacturer’s website is a little thin on information about their products. They do provide technical information for their products. They do sell and ship directly and a user can purchase extra mouthpieces and grinding cards for use with the G Pen Pro.

    Grenco Science bills itself as a leader in the industry who engineers the most advanced, portable user-friendly vaporizers on the market. That is what the G Pen Pro is, user-friendly and portable. While other vaporizer pens may have additional function, LED screens and extra features, the G Pen Pro is reliable, functional and does what it sets out to do, simply and efficiently.   

    G Pen Pro Temperature settings

    What users are saying

    Users say that this is a functional vaporizer for beginners but may not be suitable for daily users or heavy users, given its lower draw than comparable units. They appreciate the low price when compared with other units of similar quality and features. Users like the ease of use of the G Pen Pro with its one-click operation, and its extended battery life, achieving 30 to 60 minutes of battery life depending on how they draw. Users also appreciated the minimal resistance of the unit, allowing for smooth, easy drawing of vapour. Users say that, for its price, this unit will provide a clean, flavourful draw. Almost all reviewers noted that it’s small, discreet design as a real positive for those who want to use it on the go. Users also point out that the herb used should be well ground and well packed to avoid clogging. The unit is easy to clean but should be cleaned regularly to prevent resin build up in the chamber. Some users have indicated that the chamber is a little more difficult to clean than the mouthpiece but cleaning it more often will make the task much easier.

    G Pen Pro Battery Life

    Battery life and Charging

    The battery charges from empty to full in 3 hours and is not replaceable. Users can expect a 30 to 60 minute battery life, depending on use. The battery is charged with a charging cable provided with the product.

    Average battery life

    30 - 60 Minutes

    Recharge time

    180 Minutes

    Grenco G Pen Pro Vaporizer
    In the box
    One G Pen Pro vaporizer
    One cleaning brush
    One charging cable
    One mixing tool
    One user manual

    Technical Specifications

    Size (length, width, height in centimeters)

    11.6 x 2.5 x 2.4 cm

    Weight (in grams)

    181 g

    Temperature range (in Celsius)

    190- 230 °C

    Temperature presets


    Temperature settings

    Preset only

    Heat power source


    Heating element type/material

    Conduction, Stainless steel

    Chamber/oven material


    Heat up time (in seconds)

    30 seconds

    Automatic shut off


    Types of material usable inside


    Dry herb capacity (in grams)

    0.25 g

    Extract attachment

    Control / setting interface

    Single button on unit

    Delivery method

    Direct pull

    Body material


    Mouthpiece material



    Grenco Science

    Made in


    Designed in

    United States

    Release date

    April 2018


    One year



    This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer and our own experience testing the product.