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Grasshopper Vaporizer

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Type: Portable

The Grasshopper Vaporizer, the ultra-discreet Dry Herb Vape Pen

The Grasshopper vaporizer took the market by storm -- or shall I saw swarm -- back when it came out in 2016. It has been on the top of the list of best portable vaporizers since its debut, and thanks to its innovative technology it has remained a widely loved favorite since then. 

This vaporizer is a pocket-sized convection heating vaporizer that can be taken anywhere at any time thanks to its slim and compact size, and its discreet design that resembles a pen. Complete with easy to use controls, you will have a blast using the Grasshopper vape on all your adventures. 

Grasshopper Vaporizer Features

  • For Dry Herb
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Stainless Steel
  • Long-Lasting Batteries
  • Water Pipe Compatible
  • Convection Heating

Battery Life

The Grasshopper vape is a favorite for many reasons, but one of these is the fact that its battery lasts up to 170 to 270 hits, depending on the temperature of your hits, and the lengths of them.

Compared to other vapes that last around half that amount, one could say that the Grasshopper vaporizer definitely features a strong battery and a long battery life. This is especially good for portable vaporizers since the last thing you want to do is charge your vape on your adventures.

This vape only takes approximately 90 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%. But there have been rumors about a new charger coming out which would make the charge time even shorter.

Grasshopper vaporizer collage

Vapor Quality

In terms of vapor quality, you definitely have to experience it to believe it. According to various pro vape reviewers, the Grasshopper vaporizer is among the top 3 portable vaporizers of that size in terms of vapor quality.

Since the vaporizer is a convection vaporizer, instead of vaporizing dry herb upon contact with a hot plate, the vaporizer “bakes” the product and instantaneously vaporizes all the goodies. With this process, you end up getting very clean, tasty, and smooth vapor instead of hotter and less tasty vapor.

When it comes to the amount of vapor produced by this portable convection vaporizer, the vape that you get could be a bit denser, since the Grasshopper vape produces smaller vapor hits. But that’s not always bad. Many people produce dense hits over huge hits, so it really depends on what you personally prefer. 

Ease of Use

Ease of use is incredibly important, especially when it comes to using vaporizer out in public or on any adventures. Well, the Grasshopper is really great for this purpose exactly.

The Grasshopper vape’s temperature controls are a small dial-like feature on the pen itself, which can easily be accessed and manipulated at any time. Also, the on and off controls are super easy to navigate and very easy to locate.

I will say that in terms of temperature control, the Grasshopper vape’s dial control feature can be a bit “drastic” or sensitive. I’ll tell you why: the degree difference between the setting numbers is too large, and only shifting a quarter of a circle makes a huge difference (approximately 10-15 degrees), and that can definitely be a bit hard to get used to.

But apart from the sensitive temperature controls, it is very easy to use and get used to the Grasshopper vape no matter if you are a first-time vaper or a veteran in the vape world, and I would recommend it to anyone.

Hopper Labs also made vaping fresh and clean easy with their food graded silicone mouthpiece that fits perfectly on the Grasshopper.

Who is it Best For?

As I mentioned above, the Grasshopper vaporizer is incredibly easy to use, and that usually has a big impact on who it is recommended to. Well, the Grasshopper is so easy to use and so simple in terms of controls, etc. that I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Grass Hopper Vaporizer Parts

If you like to use more discreet pen vaporizers on your adventures, or if you’re simply looking for a more simple experience, you can definitely consider the Grasshopper vaporizer as one of the best options for you.

Additionally, since it can be a bit hard to find smaller and simpler vaporizers that also produce high-quality vapor, the Grasshopper vape is definitely a find! Therefore, I highly suggest anyone and everyone try it out and see just how well it performs!


The Grasshopper vaporizer comes with a lifetime warranty, so not only are you sure to receive amazing quality vaporizer but you'll also receive a lifetime warranty in case you need it anytime along the way. If you are like me, it’s a win-win situation, to be honest.

Therefore, don’t let this opportunity pass and try this state-of-the-art vaporizer out and find out just how good it is! You’ll definitely be glad you did.

What's in the box?

  • Grasshopper Vaporizer
  • Magnetic Charger

Grasshopper Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Grasshopper
Compatibility Dry Herb
Water Pipe Attachment Yes
Battery life 150-200 Draws
Warranty Lifetime