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Higher Standards Heavy Duty Beaker water pipe

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  • Medical grade glass
  • Inline diffuser
  • Collector's Box
  • Comes with custom ice mold

Type: water pipe


This heavy duty beaker glass water pipe would make every enthusiast proud to call this masterpiece their new addition to the beloved water pipe collection. It is very durable so it wont break (almost) no matter what might happen during your sessions over time, it also has the beaker base which adds way more stability to the structure if you compare it to a more “classic” water pipe design. The mouthpiece comes of the beaker a a 45° angle and this gives you an inline diffuser that are comfortable and produce a lot of cold smoke for you to enjoy.


When it comes to cleaning this beaker water pipe you are in luck because it is one of the easiest water pipe constructions to clean. First of all you make sure that the water pipe has cooled down from your latest session before you start, then simply remove the bowl from the water pipe and clean it with a q-tip and some Isopropyl alcohol and water mixture (50/50). And for cleaning the water pipe just use the same mixture of Isopropyl alcohol and water but I also like to mix in a little bit of larger grain salt to give a better rinse. Then just pour the mixture in the water pipe and give it a good shake for a couple of minutes before rinsing with clean water and leving it upside down to dry out.


This great little beaker water pipe is delivered with a very sturdy and reliable carrying box that you can use to store your water pipe in during your travels - you will for sure arrive at the destination with your precious water pipe in one piece and ready to use.

Technical Specifications

diffuser Yes
ice notch No
includes Downstem, flower bowl, custom ice mold, presentation box
joint Female
joint angle 45°
material Borosilicate glass
percolator No