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Higher Standards - Heavy Duty Concentrate Rig

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  • Reusable collectors box
  • Chunky design
  • Quartz banger
  • Collector's Box

Type: Concentrate


Higher Standards Heavy Duty Concentrate Rig

This is not only a concentrate rig you can also hook up your vaporizer to this glass piece and use it as a water pipe with certain vaporizers that have the right mouthpiece and other vaporizers have dedicated mouthpieces for water tools like this. To use it with dabs simple attach the dab glass attachment and dab away.


Cleaning the Heavy Duty Concentrate Rig

Cleaning the heavy duty Concentrate rig is pretty simple, use a mixture of Isopropyl Alcohol with water, this mixture is perfect for cleaning glass and even vaporizers, remove the glass piece and use the mixture to clean this glass piece, then with the rest of mixture put it into the main glass piece and give it a good swirl, this will give the glass a good clean finish and will improve the flavor of your next dabbing session.


For storing the heavy duty concentrate rig, I would just use the reusable box it came in because not only does it store the dab rig, it also protects, this box can also be used for when traveling with the dab rig.


Diffuser Yes
Downstem Length NA
Includes Heavy duty concentrate rig, Male quartz banger, Concentrates container, concentrate tools, Collector's box
Joint Female
Joint Angle 90°
Material Glass