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Marley Natural tray

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Marley Natural tray

With this awesome looking tray Marley Naturals have done something great that will make the life easier for every her connoisseur out there and lucky enough to have purchased this gem. There is nothing special about this tray but it makes rolling so much easier when you have all your material on something solid. You can use this tray any way you want but to get the best results you should follow the steps below.

How To Use The Marley Natural Tray

  1. Grind your herb
  2. Take out your favorite paper
  3. Por out the herbs on the tray
  4. Roll it up…
  5. Use the “scrape” to get the last bits up
  6. Light it up and enjoy

Marley Natural Tray Features

  • 2 Different Sizes
  • Hardwood material
  • Included Herb Scrape

Marley Natural Tray Specifications

  • Dimensions: Small: 0.75 x 9 x 5.5” Large: 0.75 x 12 x 7

  • Manufacturer: Marley Natural
  • Material: Dark Walnut