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Sticky Brick - The Brick Vaporizer

INCLUDED FREE with The Brick


Type: Portable


The Brick Vaporizer By Sticky Bricks


The Brick Vaporizer is a really special piece of equipment that will vaporize your favorite herb to perfection. All of us in our Herbalize Team have tried this device and everyone are really impressed both by how this vaporizer looks but also and most importantly how well it works. The heating source on all Sticky Brick Vaporizers is manual by a torch lighter and so is also the case with the Brick. All the materials used when building it is recyclable and very durable and that is something I really like and I also strongly believe that this sustainable way of creating amazing vaporizers is the best direction for this business to go in the future.

Pros and Cons Breakdown

For all of you that don’t feel like reading this whole description here is our quick breakdown of what’s good and what’s not so ideal with the Sticky Brick Vaporizer so you quickly can see if it’s something that you might like.

Sticky Brick Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Vaporizer


  • Vapor Production.
  • Perfect Vapor Quality.
  • XL Bowl Size.
  • Heavy Duty Glass.
  • Magnetic Lock Construction.
  • Great Design


  • The included torch is not great.
  • Not very portable.
  • Due to manual heating, you can combust.

What Accessories do you get?

The Brick vaporizer comes with these accessories.

  • Pocket Torch.
  • 2 Cork Plugs.
  • Tweezers.
  • Stirring Tool.
  • 5 Replacement Screens.

I find most of the accessories very useful, the only item that I don’t use anymore and that I quickly replaced was the torch lighter. I’m now using the torch I have for my dab rigs and I find that one to be working a lot better. There is also a whole bunch of other accessories that you can buy as an addition to your Sticky Brick vaporizer to make it more personalized for your specific needs.

Sticky Brick vaporizer

Ease of use

This vaporizer require a little bit of training before you can get the best performance possible but don’t let that scare you away because you will learn fast and the reward is well worth it.

This is how you use the Sticky Brick Vaporizer:

  • Load Your Herb.
  • Put The Bricks Together.
  • Adjust The Flame.
  • Hold The Flame Above The Intake Hole.
  • Inhale And Enjoy The Incredibly Tasty Vapor And Its Effects.

Temperature and heating

The heating source on the Brick by Sticky Brick is manual from a torch lighter and I just love that fact but the lack of battery and an LED display also makes using this vaporizer and especially controlling the temperature a bit more challenging, but who doesn't enjoy a little challenge? It is quite easy and it will not take very long before you get a hang of how close or far away from the heating hole you need to hold the flame in order to get the best result. Don’t get me wrong here, you will get great vapor production from the first time using the device but if you like me want to start off on a lower temp to enjoy the best flavor before bumping the temperature to squeeze out the last active ingredients there is some training to do before reaching perfection.
Sticky Brick Vaporizer

How efficient is The Sticky Brick Vaporizer?

To get those 4-5 great hits I mentioned here above I pack around .25 - .3  finely ground herb in the Sticky Bricks heating oven. I found it to be the most efficient with a fine grind and a ¾ packed bowl.

Heating Oven Size

The oven on this device is large and well made, in my opinion, and if you want you can pack as much as .5 grams in it but then you will need to have a fine grind and a tightly packed bowl to fit it all.

Pro Tip: I have noticed that it can be to your benefit if you stir the bowl a couple of times during the session to get every piece of herb vaped evenly. 

Vapor Quality

The vapor production from this device is really impressive and I'm sure even the most hardcore water pipe/dab rig user would be impressed with the cloud size the Brick delivers. The vapor is also extremely smooth to inhale and got a great taste to it due to the all glass vapor path, and the smart design of it makes a great job cooling the vapor down efficiently. You will get around 4-5 large and great tasting hits from one packed bowl on the Sticky Brick vaporizer.

Build Quality

Sticky Brick is always using the best quality materials when building their vaporizers and so is also the case with The Brick Vaporizer. The body is made out of hardwood and the vapor path is made from really thick and durable glass. I would say that the build quality of this vaporizer is one of the best on the market and if you just make sure to not drop the glass part and break it you will have this vaporizer for the rest of your vaping career.

Sticky Brick Vaporizer

Sticky Brick cleaning and maintenance

The Brick is very easy to clean, you really only have to clean the glass vapor path and I just soak in ISO alcohol and then clean the other small parts gently with Q-Tip and the same alcohol solution before rinsing it with water and leaving it to dry for a few hours.

Last Words

This is a great choice for someone coming from the combustions world and wanting to switch but feel like they want something that produces a lot of vapor and still got that “ritual” feeling due to its manual antics. I also strongly believe that this vaporizer will have a spot in every seasoned vapers collection as well, I mean who would not want an awesome looking powerhouse of a vaporizer to show off next time your buddies coming over for a session?

Sticky Brick Vaporizer Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Sticky Brick Labs.
  • Dimensions: 952mm x 952mm x 459mm.
  • Materials: Hardwood, Simax Borosilicate Glass, Magnets.
  • Heating Source: Manual (Torch Lighter).
  • Heating Time: On Demand.
  • Temperature Control: Manual.
  • Warranty:  Lifetime on the wood and 30 days on Glass Parts.

This trusted information is sourced from the manufacturer.