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Sticky Brick Junior Review

January 09, 2019

Sticky Brick Junior Review

Need that last bit of information to know if the Sticky Brick is for you so your not disappointment. We are here to help. We have reviewed the Sticky Brick Junior to get a better concept of its pros and cons. The wise make informed choices.

In this Sticky Brick Junior review, we will be going over the new and improved Sticky Brick Jr; why it has become popular, what makes it a favorite in the vaping community and why users prefer the Sticky Brick Jr over the Sticky Brick OG.

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Sticky Brick Junior

Sticky brick vaporizers are well known in the vape community and are at the top of the list of well-made, high-quality vaporizers. I believe that their vaporizers popularity is due to the attention to detail that they put in to each of their models. They not only focus on the make and feel of their vaporizers, but also the performance.

The Sticky Brick OG vaporizer became popular in recent years due to its more natural, old-style feel; the new and improved Sticky Brick Jr however is now becoming its competition. I believe that Sticky Brick took their precious time designing and perfecting this model to satisfy the needs of even the pickiest dry herb vape lover.

The Sticky Brick Jr has a Classy Design and Feel

One of the things that makes the Sticky Brick Jr unique is its high-quality, classy design and build. The vaporizers body is made from beautiful natural hardwood and users get the option to choose from three unique models; Walnut, Cherry and Maple. To be honest, it’s hard to find a vaporizer that is as beautifully made as the Sticky Brick Jr. Although many vape users won’t admit to it, looks do matter and this vaporizer does not disappoint.

Some users have even said that the wood body enhances the great flavor of the herb; it adds and old-style wood taste that makes you feel as classy as Sherlock Holmes. Depending on the model you choose; be it either Walnut, Cherry or Maple, you might even get a slightly varied taste. In my personal opinion, I think that the high-quality wood body not only adds a stylish, classy feel to the vaporizer; but improves the overall vape experience.

The Sticky Brick Jr is Made with High-Quality Materials

Sticky Brick Junior

Sticky Brick labs focused not only on the stylish appearance of this unit but also the quality of materials, the functionality and ease of use. Apart from the super hard and durable body, the Sticky Brick Junior’s durable glass parts and other pieces are held in place with strong magnets; this makes it disaster-proof and ensures that it won’t fall apart when you are using it on the go.

I believe that compared to other portable vaporizers, this unit is more durable and easy to take in “travel mode”. Although it’s not considered the best option for portable vaporizers due to its bigger size; it is perfect to take in a bag, backpack or even a pocket if it’s big enough. It is also perfect for at home use and parties. The versatility of the Sticky Brick Jr makes it perfect for users that enjoy switching things up.

Why the Sticky Brick Jr is Unique

Apart from this units design and build, it has an awesome uniqueness. The Sticky Brick Jr vaporizer offers on demand convection heating and always delivers high quality vape that leaves you wanting more each time. This unit, unlike other vaporizers, comes with a butane lighter that will allow you to enjoy the first hit with a new, high-quality butane torch; pretty cool right?

Users have claimed that the convection vapor this unit offers enhances the taste of their favorite dry herb and simply makes the whole vape experience more enjoyable. The smart design of the Sticky Brick Junior efficiently cools down the vapor before it ever touches your lips and creates big delicious vapor clouds that satisfy even the pickiest vape lovers.

From the moment you unbox this unit and pack some quality herbs in the chamber, you will be able to enjoy up to 4 or 5 big yummy hits of vapor. The low-maintenance and relatively easy to understand functionality makes the Sticky Brick Jr unique and I believe, highly recommendable for beginners.  

The Sticky Brick Junior is for you if:

Sticky Brick Junior

Due to the fact that each individual vape lover has her or his preferences when it comes to the style, performance and quality of a vaporizer; this unit cannot be named perfect for everyone. I do believe however, that the Sticky Brick Junior is more than perfect for vape lover that enjoy a more old-style experience.

This unit doesn’t require charging or include batteries; making it perfect for people who enjoy a more easy going, easy to use vaporizer. You can simply grab the Sticky Brick Junior and take on the go without worrying about its battery life or having to pack and extra charging cord; you can enjoy it completely “off grid”.

The Sticky Brick Junior always offers high quality vapor and creates big clouds of delicious vape that will efficiently satisfy your herb cravings. I believe that after a couple of uses, the Sticky Brick Jr will become one of your favorite units and you will be more than excited to show it off to your session buddies.


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