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The Best Selection Of Portable Vaporizers

Modern Portable vaporizers have become beautiful functional tools with variations to suit your needs. This rapidly evolving industry has pushed the boundary of modern design and practicality. A vape user can carry a vape which works with them in their lifestyle. The easiest way to see what features you desire more, is just to pick a few vaporizers, and check out the features they come with to see what you care about more? do you want a show piece with lots of flair? there is a vape for that! want a small discreet vape to dose yourself on the go, which you can hide in your pocket? there's a vape for that too! With today many sought after features becoming available to more people at more affordable prices your dream Vaporizer is just a click away!

The collection includes portable vaporizers from the brands Arizer, Da Vinci, Firefly, Pax, Sticky Brick Labs, and Storz & Bickel, with each brand having the specific quality of a vaporizer that would be most ideal to your preferences.

We only carry vapes from high quality brands:

Arizer - Small and Compact

In Arizer, a lot would say the best portable vaporizer is the Arizer Solo II. However, it faces competition with the Arizor GO. With all Arizer products you can easily bring it with you for it is a small and compact vaporizer that is ready to go. Features include an average of three hours battery life, menu button, LED screen, borosilicate glass for pure and intense flavor, variable temperature settings, patented hybrid heating, fast warm-up time, high-quality ceramic heating element, food or medical grade components, and high capacity rechargeable batteries. Because of its LED screen and menu button, this vaporizer is one that you could easily access and adjust. You would not have complications customizing its settings according to your own liking. With a heat up time of only 20 seconds, you would not have to waste any time waiting around. In addition, you could safely use it while it is charging. The Arizer Solo II is positively one of the most reliable, durable, and sustainable vaporizers in the market.

Da Vinci - Sleek and Modernistic

Da Vinci manufactured the portable vaporizer, DaVinci IQ Portable Vaporizer, made out of high-quality materials and promising features. It is incredibly small so having it with you on the go would not cause any problems. Its design is sleek and modernistic as well that it surely captures the likings of its customers. Da Vinci IQ features include more than three hours of usage, rechargeable and interchangeable 18650 batteries that compensates for longer outdoor use, vapor density that produces smooth, flavorful, and thick clouds, ceramic zirconia vapor path or mouthpieces, a ten-year warranty, and lastly, its own app. Indeed, the Da Vinci IQ is an app-enabled vaporizer that lets its user adjust the settings through their mobile phones. It allows the users to customize each Smart Path in accordance to their own personal preference, adjust the IQ settings, and view other critical information. Additionally, the fact that you could simply turn on and adjust your vaporizer anytime through the use of your phone lets you know that it is one that you should not miss. It now even comes in a smaller version known as the DaVinci MiQro.

DaVinci vaporizers are renowned for having the most versatile vapes on the available today. Whether you want you a DaVinci desktop or portable DaVinci vape, we've got you covered. Check out all portable DaVinci vaporizers:

Firefly - Stylish and Retro

Firefly 2 is a light and slim vaporizer that could easily fit in your pocket. It is made up of a design that would surely capture anyone’s interest because of its vogue exterior that is bright and eye pleasing. Its features include long and improved battery life, borosilicate glass for pure flavor, custom temperature settings, 20 full sessions out of each charge, ability to charge to full from empty in three hours, aroma dish, belt clip pouch, and a paired app. The Firefly Smartphone app makes it easier and more accessible for their users to utilize their vaporizer. It enables the users to customize its temperature setting according to their interest, and allow users to switch between dry herb mode and concentrate mode. Firefly 2 is a high-end vaporizer that corresponds to the demands of the people. It brings about the innovativeness that is being yearned for in the market. Why not check out Firefly 2 Portable.

Pax - The Iphone of Vaporizers

The Pax 3 vaporizer is one of the most portable and discreet vaporizers in the industry. Besides its compact size, it is also known for its lengthy battery life that could last up to eight to ten sessions. It is surely impressive that with Pax 3, there would not be any complications as you bring it with you on your outdoor trips. In addition, the conduction heating technology that it is made up of makes the vapor quality thick and flavorful. In terms of its external surface, it is modernistic and elegant while it is composed of a sturdy built interior as well. The Pax 3 is also an app-enabled vaporizer; it certainly has all the features and qualities that give rise to great reputation with good customer reviews. If you are looking for a PAX vaporizer without the app enabled, Check out PAX 2 Vape.

Sticky Brick Lab - Butane Flame Vaporizers

The Sticky Brick Original is an outstanding butane vaporizer. It is recognized for its wooden appearance and vapor quality. This device is entirely made up of wood that you could engagingly piece together. It also makes use of borosilicate glass, making it durable. The method in which it should be used is also unique compared to the other vaporizers. In order to use it, it needs to be utilized with a jet flame lighter to heat the air that goes through its chamber and into the glass pipe. The Sticky Brick Lab vaporizer is constructed for home use as you could easily carry it around your house, however, it would surely not fit your pocket. Sticky Brick portable vapes comes in various sizes, Check out below Sticky Brick - The Brick Vaporizers

Storz & Bickel - German Innovation At Its Best

Storz & Bickel invented the portable and compact vaporizer, Crafty. It is one of the best over-all vaporizer that is consistently sought-after in the market. Within its remarkable features, it also stands out with its accessibility and ease of use. It is operated through a single button while the rest of its setting could be controlled with the aid of its Bluetooth app. In addition, it has a scientifically precise temperature control that even enables the use of both conduction and convection heating technology. Crafty is not only built with powerful internal qualities, but its external aspect corresponds to it too for it is entirely built with high-quality materials that ensures durability. Its physical aspect also highlights the look of a car engine, definitely a unique yet fierce looking vaporizer.

While thinking of the Crafty as a great portable vape, you could also check out,The Mighty Vaporizer. The Mighty Closely resembles the Crafty, but comes complete with better battery life, quicker heat-up time, and on-board controls. Check out all Storz & Bickel portable vaporizers below.