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Vaporizers are the fashionable way to get clean vapour without extra contaminants. There are a number of vaporizers on the market today that come from brands that are redefining the vaping landscape. DaVinci produces some of the most popular vaporizers, and we have curated a collection that offers a number of different vaporizers for you to choose from. 

DaVinci offers sleek, advanced, and portable vapes that are easy to carry around and perfect for both essential oils and herbs. They are easy to use, even for beginners, and recommended by many experienced vaporizer users.  

One of the main features which is on high-demand at the moment is the ability to set the temperature. This allows for a vaping experience tailored to your choice of products, and allows you to achieve the effects you are after in a few pushes of a button. 

Our special collection includes the new DaVinci IQ 2 vaporizer, the DaVinci IQ vaporizer, the DaVinci Classic, and the DaVinci MIQRO. In other words, everything DaVinci ever made, including the all-new addition to the DaVinci Family, the IQ 2!


The DaVinci vaporizers are lightweight vaporizers which can be carried with you in your bag or pocket. They are discreet and compact and allow you to vape when you are away from home. 

The DaVinci vaporizers are all complete with advanced precision temperature controls, extended battery life, and a state-of-the-art method of heating. Their products were designed with the vape connoisseur in mind, but are simple enough for beginners to use. 

The DaVinci vaporizers are designed to allow for excellent vapor purity, and allow users to enjoy the specific flavors when vaped thanks to the flavor chambers built into each device. They even boast Bluetooth connection technology!


DaVinci recently released their newest addition to their collection, the new DaVinci IQ 2 vaporizer. Everyone has been extremely excited about its release, as there were many highly anticipated changes and improvements to be included in its final design.

This new vaporizer is an improvement on the popular IQ vaporizer. But it is almost unrecognizable with all its new features. These include:

  • New brushed metal finish
  • 35% more airflow, on top of the already adjustable airflow
  • The option to use the IQ 2 with concentrates
  • Easy-clean design
  • Ability to track dose per draw and dose per session
  • Thicker chamber for better overall heating
  • 9% larger size than the IQ 
  • Updated screen display
  • Precise temperature controls

As you can see, DaVinci took this release very seriously, and truly consulted their clients in order to really improve their newest vaporizer. They considered every detail and executed this design beautifully. 

The new DaVinci IQ 2 is a must-try, and we’re excited to be one of the first stores to offer the DaVinci IQ 2 in the US! 


The DaVinci Classic vaporizer combines some of the old school looks, being built for durability and strength, with a rugged and modern twist, making it perfect for someone who enjoys adventure and the great outdoors. 

If you prefer a slimmer, more discreet vaporizer, you can try the DaVinci IQ or MIQRO with their all-glass pathways, which are discreet enough to allow for vaping in most social situations, but durable enough to withstand everyday use. 

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DaVinci prides itself on the excellent materials used in their products, and believes in producing exceptional vapes for people who appreciate a quality product. The DaVinci Classic allows you to vape both loose-leaf products and oils easily and conveniently. The Classic is available in green, gray and black. 


The DaVinci IQ offers a tailored experience for those who want to make the most out of their products - herb connoisseurs. The advanced pocket-size IQ allows for adjustment of the oven size, down to 50%, which means you don't need to pack it fully to enjoy your vaping experience. 

The smart path technology allows you to set up to 4 different temperature settings for your vaping pleasure. Simply choose the setting and use your device (which will automatically keep the vaporizer at the set temperature). 

The IQ also allows you to set three distinct modes. These include Smart Path, Precision, and Boost. The device is app-enabled, allowing you to control your sessions from the app, track your usage, and even update you on any important information related to your device. The app even allows you to use your phone to turn your vaporizer on!


The DaVinci MIQRO is a smaller sized vaporizer which is 1/3 smaller than the IQ, yet still maintains the fully adjustable oven. This vape is portable, sleek in design, and easy to control. 

The smart paths, Boost, or Precision modes’ temperature controls are easy to change, and can be done with just a click of a button! Also, adjust your oven size to half the size to ensure you enjoy your vaping experience without wasting any of your dry herb or oils.


The DaVinci Ascent is among this collection’s most popular vaporizers because it is very versatile, and its size makes it easy to take this vaporizer anywhere, anytime. One of the best features that this vaporizer has is the compatibility with herb and wax.

Another reason why this vaporizer is so popular is that it is equipped with DaVinci’s state-of-the-art technology, which presents itself in the form of a 430F max temperature, fast heating time, beautiful LED display screen, precise temperature controls, and a long battery life of 3+ hours!

If you like fully experiencing the flavors and aroma of your product, whether it’s dry herbs or concentrates, you will love the DaVinci Ascent! It is built with the all-glass flavor pathway, and its heating chamber is made from glass-coated ceramic, which accentuates the goodies in your products.


Using a vaporizer allows you to enjoy the many health benefits as well as the flavors associated with vaping herbs. Many people have discovered the benefits of using vaporizers over the past few years. 

Cannabis consumption is on the rise, not as a recreational drug, but rather as a medication for a large number of different ailments. For that reason, DaVinci vaporizers feature specific temperatures to heat your herbs so that you can enjoy the associated flavors and heat the herbs up enough to release the terpenes and other healthful substances. 

Vaporizers are a healthier alternative than smoking the herbs and are a fast way to absorb the active compounds in the herbs and oils. Vaporizers help reduce the toxins and carcinogens that are absorbed when smoking the products via traditional methods. 

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Ensure your products are from a reliable source that does not grow the herbs with pesticides or use other chemicals in the extraction of the oils or leaf production. Setting the temperatures can also make a difference in the absorption of the specific compounds needed to treat various ailments. 

As an example, THC vaporizes at 315°F / 157°C, while CBD needs to be heated to 428°F / 220°C to be released. The DaVinci vaporizers aid in setting a specific heat to allow you to absorb the compounds you require and also reducing product wastage, making them perfect for precise oil extraction and vaporization.