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Storz and Bickel Collection

On the market today, Storz and Bickel vaporizers stand out amongst other producers. As a long-time vaporizer user, I wanted to find out why. With their long-proven products such as Volcano Classic, or their new line personal portable vaporizers, a variety of difference is given to their customers in the form of different customizable features, excellent vapor quality, or even remote-activated use.
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Storz and Bickel offers a total of seven various vaporizer products within their vaporizer collection. With three reliable portable powerful pocket pens, and two incredible stand-alone classics. Through the understanding of what makes each product great, it’s truly possible to make the right purchase for your dollar, Bickel to see.

The Volcano Classic

As one of Storz and Bickel’s oldest products, the Volcano Classic Vaporizer’s slick sliver frame lays integrated with its black-matted case, giving it a cool, spacey look while still containing a formidable convection-oven filling chamber and cooling unit.
Its temperature controls allow for its convection ovens to reach their full-hot air heating point within a few minutes, meaning the user is able to simply turn on the machine, ready the filling-chamber, and then enjoy their device. Through its easy-valve, (the easily removable balloon on top of the vaporizer) the user is able to use the room temperature as the main cooling unit of the device

classic volcano vaporizer best price

It’s the simple ease of use that stands out in its initial features, as well as being one of the longest and most dependable desktop vaporizers on the market today. The only true drawback to this product being its very basic list of features - which come improved substantially, in the form of the Volcano Digit. Priced at $575.99, it’s pricey, but it’s worth it.

The Volcano Digital

Similar to the Volcano Vaporizer in terms of appearance, the Volcano Digital is a more modern approach to the Volcano Classic.

Despite being similar in its overall design, the Volcano Digital offers a special LED display that makes accurate temperature reading a lot easier. Having the same metal hull, now instead of switching the knob to adjust inside of the temperature cage is as easy as pressing a button - from turning on, to set your preference, and then using the device.

It contains a much higher temperature setting than the Classic, which brings more power to the vaporizer as a whole. Much like the Volcano Classic, it comes with a patented easy-valve balloon which is easily removable from any device. And, as with the Volcano classic again, it comes with an unrivalled three year warranty for any issue that may arise.

The Volcano Hybrid

volcano hybrid vaporizer
Last of the desktop family, we have the Volcano Hybrid, much more vaping-friendly than the previous editions. The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer comes with lots of I.T features like a touchable display screen, a Bluetooth technology, but also a 'workflow' feature which a personalized program that you create via the app.

And for people more interested in the vapour production, the hybrid use conduction and convection heating system which allows better preservation of all the terpenes and properties from your products.

Storz and Bickel Mighty

The Storz & Bickel Mighty truly brings the power of a traditional desktop device in the form of a portable vaporizer that fits directly in your pocket. Its ovens, temperature range, and LED display make its overall design very similar to the Storz & Bickel Crafty - and with its size being close to a cell phone it holds two lithium-ion batteries which promote tremendous battery life.

Different from the Desktop vaporizers, its cell puts it close to the size of most modern cell-phones - with an automatic shut off switch and vibration alarm for uninterrupted and stress free vaporizer sessions. Designed after early portable vape-pens,the Mighty is a time-tested product. Not only this, with two hours of recharge time, it’s easy to get back to enjoying the high-quality vapor that’s truly sought after.

mighty vaporizer

The Crafty

While the Storz and Bickel Mighty vaporizer packs quite the punch, for some people it’s either out of their range, or simply, not as much as their looking for. For this reason, the Storz and Bickel Crafty is virtually a mini-Mighty, lacking its LED display but still providing the same kind of excellent vapor.

Cheaper than the Mighty - it’s smaller as well, making it a decent choice for discrete use for any herbal supplement. Its size, and more updated customization features make it a unique choice. Through its app, which is available on any cell-phone, any user is able to control not only when it turns on, but the temperature range, and other features that traditionally users would have to use manually.

The Crafty Plus

2019 was definitely a big year for Storz and Bickel, they could have stopped after releasing the Volcano Hybrid, but no! They've released a new herbal vaporizer: the Crafty +. Customers couldn't get more excited when Storz and Bickel has announced this big news!

The design of the Crafty + has a little bit been upgraded making it much more comfortable to hold it. The portable vaporizer comes with an improved battery life which will allow you to vape up to 7 or 8 sessions instead of the usual 4 sessions. And most importantly, this new vaporizer creates bigger clouds that are much smoother and tasteful.

crafty plus vaporizer

The Plenty Vaporizer

The final, and perhaps most creative, vaporizers Storz and Bickel offer in their catalog, is The Plenty Vaporizer. Different from the other two battery-powered vaporizers in the catalog the Plenty vaporizer’s warranty is one year longer than its Crafty and Mighty brothers. And, at $228.99 it’s the cheapest of the three. It offers the same features primarily as the Mighty, only with a much smaller size and without the customization of the Crafty, for a basic but powerful vaping Experience.

Storz & Bickel is a great brand!

In the end, amongst the five in the collection, the Crafty stands out as the best investment in vaporizer pens. With its massive amount of features, quick battery charge, and portable ease of use, the price makes it more than worth the bargain. Despite focusing on just the Crafty, each vaporizer I covered and tested had its own personal stand-outs that made it unique, and quite simply, worth the price.