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Arizer Parts & Accessories

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer black
SAVE -30%
Arizer Solo 2
$118.45 $169.99
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Arizer - Extreme Q Vaporizer included in kit
SAVE -30%
Arizer Extreme Q
$118.00 $169.99
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Arizer Air 2 Vaporizer black with mouthpiece
SAVE -47%
Arizer Air 2
$134.99 $254.99 Sold out
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Arizer ARGO Vaporizer
SAVE -21%
Arizer ArGo
$118.45 $149.99 Sold out
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Arizer Air Max Vaporizer Sale
SAVE -16%
Arizer Air Max
$183.45 $219.99
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Arizer V Tower Desktop Vaporizer
SAVE -41%
Arizer - V Tower
$99.45 $169.00
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Arizer Cyclone Bowl for Arizer Extreme Q and V Tower Vaporizer
Arizer cyclone bowl for Arizer Extreme Q and V Tower
$10.00 Sold out
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Arizer Glass Elbow Adapter
Arizer Glass Elbow Adapter
$9.95 Sold out
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Screen Pack for Arizer Extreme Q and V Tower
Screen Pack for Arizer Extreme Q and V Tower Vaporizer
$5.70 Sold out
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Arizer Air Vaporizer Black
SAVE -14%
Arizer Air
Starting at $89.00
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Solid Valve Balloon Bags for Volcano Device
SAVE -35%
Solid Valve Balloon Bags for Volcano
$9.00 $14.00 Sold out
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Arizer All-Glass Aroma Tube
Arizer All-Glass Aroma Tube
$14.00 Sold out
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Arizer Accessories Overview

Established in 2005, Arizer has been a pioneer in the vape industry for more than a decade now. They continue to impress the vape market with innovative technology and design that takes vaping to the next level. Various of their vaporizer has been awarded for their impressive performance, such as their portable unit, the Solo 2. Despite a large number of competitors, they have managed to remain a favorite for many— including us.

Arizer Vaporizer Models

Here at Herbalize, we offer Accessories for Arizer’s most well-esteemed units, including: Arizer Solo 2, Arizer Solo, Arizer Air 2 , Arizer Air, Arizer ArGo, Arizer Extreme Q, Arizer V tower. Not only do we offer Arizer most popular vaporizers, but also offer everything necessary to keep your unit working well, and offering the best performance possible, far into the future. By offering a wide range of Arizer Accessories for Arizer vaporizers, we allow Arizer vape users to get the most out of their units. No matter what you need, we’ve got it.

Arizer Parts & Accessories

In our collection of Arizer Accessories, you will find items such as replacement batteries, screen packs, chargers, adapters, and specialized accessories made specifically for each Arizer unit. To keep your Arizer unit working flawlessly, simply choose the accessory you need for your vape, and enjoy an Arizer experience worth boasting about.

Arizer Desktop Accessories

In the Arizer screen Pack, you will find 2 circular mesh screens to use with the cyclone bowl, and 2 domed mesh screens to be used with the Tuff bowl of the Arizer V tower and the Extreme Q. Depends on which desktop vaporizer you are using you might want to change your whip for a mini whip. Or in the scenario of connecting your Extreme Q to a bong, a 14MM glass whip water tool adapter will be the best option.

At some point, you will perhaps need to buy new balloon bags for your Extreme Q. This balloon kit includes everything you need, so  4 “O” rings, 4 balloon bags, and 2 balloon frosted glass mouthpieces.

Arizer Portable Vaporizer Accessories

Arizer Stem Caps come already with the Arizer Solo 2 and the Air 2 but because of their small size and dark color, it's super easy to lose them. Thankfully, Herbalize Store sells this pack of 4 stem caps for an affordable price. So you can be sure that your dry herbs won't lose their flavors and also protect you from odors.

If you don't like the straight mouthpiece that comes with your Arizer Solo, you can opt for a curved glass mouthpiece which is much more practical when you're sitting on the couch and watching a movie.

It's super easy to lose your micro-USB charger or just to break it, so here at Herbalize Store, we have an official Arizer USB charger. A car charger is another handy accessory if you're often driving or get stuck in traffic jams. The cool thing with Arizer portable vaporizers is that you can replace your battery and use another one as a spare battery if you're always on the go and never have time to recharge it.

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