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Magic Flight Accessories Overview

One of the most Unique vaporizer brand we offer here at Herbalize is Magic Flight. Their unique take on vaping is loved by a large part of the vaping community thanks to the newness of the vaporizer design, and the quality vapor produced by these vape units. In addition to vape units, Magic Flight also offers accessories and replacement items for their vaporizers… Take a look at what we have to offer!

Power Adapter

Over time, power adapters can get damages or lose their potency -- it’s normal. So for you to continue using your Magic Flight vaporizers with ease (and charge!) we offer you a replacement power adapter!


The Orbiter is an accessory made specifically to be used with the Magic Flight Launch Box. It consists of a glass Orbiter Bubbler, and 2 water pipe whips (18” and 27” long). Basically, it is a one-of-a-kind water tool made to be used with Magic Flight vaporizers for you to have the option of using your vaporizer with a water tool! We love it, and we’re sure you will too!

Wood Stem

The Wood Stem is the mouthpiece designed for the Launch Box unit. It’s made from exotic woods, and is designed to cool the vapor a bit, while also having a nice fit for your mouth. The Wood Stems come in 3 different woods: cherry, walnut, and maple, and you can choose the one that best matches your style and preference.

Wood Dart Stem

The Wood Dart Stem is made to fit the launch Box as well, but it is a flat design instead of thee straw-like design of the Wood Stem. It also comes in maple, cherry, and walnut woods, and you can choose which one you like best at checkout.


Batteries also seem to lose their spark over time -- it’s normal. So if you are experiencing this, you should probably just consider getting a replacement batteries for your unit to start vaping like normal again. These batteries are made to fit the Magic Flight Launch Box. They are rechargeable NiMH batteries, and are as high quality as they come. So get back to vaping like normal, and purchase this set of batteries today!