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Magic Flight Vaporizer | Collection

Magic Flight Vaporizers are handmade vaporizers that are designed and crafted in Sand Diego, California, USA. They offer high quality vaporizing experience in every way: from good tasting hits to optimal portability and discreetness.

They have been out since 2009, but have been improved and rethought since that time. So now the Magic Flight Vaporizers are more durable, more sustainable, and come with a lifetime warranty (functional warranty) to ensure you’re always happy with your Magic Flight Vaporizers.

Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

The Magic Flight Launch Box is the main portable vaporizer. It is made from your choice of woods including Maple, Cherry, and Walnut. They are hand-crafted to perfection every time, and they are made to last a very long time.

All the designs that are hand-etched into the Launch Boxes are original designs, and they look beautiful!

The Launch Box is a small vaporizer; its dimensions (6.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm) make this vaporizer super portable and easily concealable. You can take it on any adventures, vape discreetly, and put it away in a matter of seconds.

The Launch Box is made specifically to vaporize finely ground materials such as your favorite blend of dry herbs. All you have to do is simply load with your finely ground materials and insert a charged battery and you’ll have instant vapor.

In fact, the Launch Box is so easy to operate you simply load, use, and reload it and you’re done!

Since the Magic Flight Vaporizer uses Nickle Metal Hydride batteries, all you need to do is insert it and it will begin to heat up instantly.

The battery life is potent and long enough. But the best part is that they make your heating time around 5 seconds. That is one of the fastest heating times, in comparison to any other dry herb vaporizer.

The chamber material is made from high grade stainless steel which makes the chamber easy to keep clean and keep clean throughout your vaping experiences. Stainless steel is a great material for vaporizers also because it makes your hits smooth and taste amazing.

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Magic Flight Vaporizer Accessories

The star accessory that you can purchase to go with your Launch Box is the Magic Flight Orbiter Bubbler. This is a really cool product that you can connect to your Launch Box for a cooling and filtering effect.

The Launch Box Orbiter comes with the Orbiter Bubbler and 2 water pipe whips.

It works like this: You fill the orbiter with water (cool water is great), then connect one whip to your Launch Box and fire it up. When it begins to vaporize (within 5 seconds) you pull your hit with the second water pipe whip. It works kind of like a hookah or bong in that aspect.

The best part about getting this awesome accessory is that it’s a perfect companion for vaping with your group of friends. It will make all your hits cool and taste better than ever.

Plus, we must talk about its design! It has the same wood look as the Launch Box, but the glass bubble component makes it look elegant yet contemporary at the same time. In short, the design is a Magic Flight favorite.

Its nice little square wood base makes it stable on any flat surface, and it elevates it just the right amount for perfect comfort.

This accessory also works with the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box, so even if you don’t own the Launch Box, you can still use it with your Muad-Dib vaporizer.

It is versatile, beautifully designed, and made from high quality materials just like the Launch Box.

You can also purchase accessories such as a Magic Flight Wood Stem, Magic Flight Dart Wood Stem, and a Glass Stem for the Launch Box.

And if you are in need of a Power Adapter, you can get one also for a really great price.

It is also suggested to get one or two extra batteries for your Launch Box because you will be able to use one while you charge the other; and you can also take an extra one or two batteries with you on your fun adventures for optimal confort and no mishaps!

What’s In the Box?

When you purchase your Magic Flight Launch box, it comes with:

1 Magic Flight Launch Box

1 Magic Flight Draw Straw

2 Magic Flight AA Batteries with caps

1 Battery charger

1 user manual

1 Elastic Travel Bands

1 cleaning brush

A full lifetime manufacturer’s warranty

When you purchase your Orbiter Bubbler it comes with:

1 Orbiter Bubbler

1 18" Water Pipe Whip

1 27" Water Pipe Whip